Shooting Six
The photos in this set were taken during a studio session, "Shooting Six: A Model Photoshoot."

Challenges included organizing and shooting with 6 models during the same session, working with each model independently to get a good performance, and lighting each shot appropriately to capture the performance. This was my first self-organized shoot with multiple models.

Thanks for the work, everyone!

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+ Clothing designed by TSaph.

Some clothing appearing in the photos was designed by and provided courtesy of T.Saph (MM#1892259).

The shoot's custom-made soundtrack was provided courtesy of Josh Harnois (MM#1500956), a classically trained musician, producer, and DJ currently residing in Washington, D.C.

BTW, I'm Will Stotler, the photographer, Model Mayhem #1338163.

You can read how this shoot was organized and then worked day-of in my post Shooting Six: A Model Shoot.
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