Philly Workshop Photoshoot
These shots are from the "Hair, Heels, and Sweet Sweat" workshop, held in North Philadelphia, July 2010.

Venue was a scrapyard, and the overall feel of the shoot was supposed to be "edgy." It's a fine line between edgy and cheesy--hoping for more of the former and less of the latter. :)

Conditions were challenging, largely because it was an open "free for all" in terms of pulling together sets with models "on the fly."

Models I shot with were:
* Elyse Nicole (MM#1527984)
* Aline da Silva (MM#1362121)
* Sylmac (MM#1500231)
* Monica Duarte (No MM#)

BTW, I'm Will Stotler, the photographer, Model Mayhem #1338163.
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