Kelly Baker Photoshoots
Selected photos from one beach shoot and two nighttime TFCD shoots/walkabouts with Kelly Baker (Model Mayhem #1147055). The beach shoot was in August 2011. The nighttime walkabouts were in November and Late December 2009.

For the beach shoot, it was an opportunity to leverage the unique look of the Delaware coastline.

For the night shoots, the goal (and challenge) was to pick up atmospheric shots using only "found," available lighting. First in Felton, Delaware, and then in Dover, Delaware.

The additional challenge was the weather. The late December shoot was in below freezing conditions, with a 15mph wind. Kelly was certainly a trooper. (And the M8 held up, too.)

Thanks for the shoots and the great professionalism, Kelly!

BTW, I'm Will Stotler, the photographer, Model Mayhem #1338163.
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