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Look Book Graphic Design Project - EA Effect - Page 26 and Inside Back Cover | by willstotler
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Look Book Graphic Design Project - EA Effect - Page 26 and Inside Back Cover

Page spread from a Look Book graphic design project for EA Effect Boutique's Fall/Winter 2011 line. Looks are by designers Ella Kolanowska (Pearl in Crown) and Anya Payne (Independent Flavor). The model is Julie Hoxie. Photography and graphic design by Will Stotler (me).


The project's first goal was to shoot Julie in looks from Ella and Anya in a single afternoon, working shot-by-shot to match varied Philadelphia environments with the feel of each look. The project's second goal was to create a convincing, press-ready Look Book, based on the client's selections of shoot photos. The project's third goal was to experiment with brand development: developing and packaging a concept that credibly defines the look of the EA Effect brand.




See this Look Book page spread at full size.

See this Look Book in a slideshow.

See more in the EA Effect Fashion Shoot set.




Text from these pages reproduced below:




This look book's concept and design is likely overkill for a boutique in the Philadelphia marketspace, but appropriate for a boutique in London, New York, or Los Angeles. Well, why not think big?


The project started in conversations with fashion designers Ella Kolanowska and Anya Payne. Ella and Anya own and operate the EA Effect Boutique (they are the "E" and "A" in the boutique's name). Each designer has her own clothing and jewelry lines under the EA Effect umbrella: Ella has Pearl in Crown and Anya has Independent Flavor.


After a June meeting, Ella and Anya agreed to a city-look shoot for the EA Effect brand, provided the urban look wasn't sleek with glass and steel and concrete. They wanted their brand to be surrounded by earthy textures, a bit of nature, and "colors." I agreed to pull that look out of the city, which is a challenge. Ella and Anya selected the model to represent their brands' looks: Julie Hoxie. Julie is a new model--professionally, she's a pattern designer for the fashion industry--and a natural.


Time was very tight during the shoot in October. The original plan called for shooting eight looks from each designer--I was able to pull eight looks, total. Ella and Anya are "we know what we want when we see it" clients. This means that a range of photographic concepts had to be shot so Ella and Anya could decide on just the "right" look to represent their brands. This meant I needed to shoot between 7 to 9 "mini-sessions" per ensemble. All told, this added up to over sixty "mini-shoots" in a single afternoon. Each of the "mini-shoots" was in a different location I selected on-the-fly for color, texture, and feel to compliment the look Ella and Anya had selected for Julie. I worked with Julie in each location to get performances that could compliment both the environment and the fashion. In the end, Ella and Anya were able to pull together what they wanted based on the wide range of options they received. So, I consider this approach very successful.


Structurally, the look book uses a modified grid structure, with a vibrant tangerine color to compliment the EA Effect logotype. The mood of the book is design-forward, with a simplicity and order that compliments the organic and earthy tones/settings found in the photography. Each piece in the look book is handled as a unique item deserving of indexing and explanation--from the photography through to the design. As an aggregate, it's clear there's a collection here with a unified driving concept--from the ensembles through to the environment, to include Julie's modeling performances. Eight final looks and also six EA Effect poster concepts are included, as I was thinking about this project from a fashion marketing campaign perspective.


I'd like to again thank Ella, Anya, and Julie for their work on this project. Well done--good learning experience.


--Will Stotler, December 2011

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