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Inside looking Out *Explore* | by Will (Certified Ninja)
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Inside looking Out *Explore*

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Late entry to Our Daily Challenge - Through


There's two ways this is "Through". One, obviously its through a fence. Two, I'm hereby officially tossing in the towel on my 365. I'm through :((


I'm not going anywhere though so I'll still be posting. HUGE thanks to anyone and everyone who helped and commented along the way. Sorry I won't be seeing it through (this time).


So anyway, here I am….tagged by Daniel in a photo. I usually haven’t done anything in these, but I guess, since I admire his work, I’ll tag a few of my other folks as well and play flickr-nice. I ended up tagging the photogs here I know well or really respect for their work. Either way, each is worth checking out!


I don’t photograph well so don't go all h8r on me. Anywho, I’ll also follow suit on Daniel’s idea (that he stole from *karla) and add a non-truth to the mix. See if you can figure out where the lie is. USE THE FORCE.


1. I was in the Air Force as a medic

2. I was a police officer in the city of Niceville, Florida for 3 years

3. I am a Certified Flight Instructor with over 3000 hours

4. I have skydived once in my life

5. I have survived one plane crash and two traffic accidents without so much as a scratch

6. I can’t stand on a chair without my overwhelming fear of heights making my palms sweat and have been that way since birth

7. I count the cracks in the sidewalk to make sure that my feet land completely within each concrete block an equal number of times. Otherwise I feel internally off balance.

8. I do not accept apologies

9. I once accidently cut the end of my left thumb just passed the last knuckle (that was reattached)

10. My parents have 7 marriages between them

11. I once got a free night of drinking because a random stranger’s penis was larger than a *latex penis substitute* that was behind the bar, and he was willing to prove it

12. I’m a classically trained pianist

13. I play guitar, however poorly

14. I have run and completed a marathon in my lifetime

15. I have visited every continent except Antarctica and Australia / Oceana

16. If I could do anything, I’d do nothing (great Office Space quote)

17. I’m a hardcore video game junkie who currently owns his 14th xbox 360.

18. I secretly believe I’m a Jedi and a Ninja at the same time

19. I abhor tardiness above all things and will push an old man down a flight of stairs to get somewhere on time

20. I am the most difficult consumer to please of all time. My repeat business is a well deserved thing. Treasure it ;)


There you go. What a strange list.

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Taken on November 23, 2010