• Sony PSP, 4GB Memory Stick Duo
  • Sony MDR-Q66 Headphones
  • Apple iPod 5G (80GB) - My girlfriend wasn't very amused when I brought this home :-/
  • Desktop and 'workspace Extension' aka Epson Expression 1680 Scanner
  • ...or with the camera you bought to take this photo, if I remember correctly. ;) - antikewl
  • That's right, she's quite the anti-technologist.
  • But happy to play with them once the initial financial shock has worn off? ;) - antikewl
  • Too right. I haven't seen my DS for months now. (Should we move this to the comments do you think :) )
  • I killed these just recently by plugging them into a aeroplane's audio system. The left earphone got very hot and then stopped working. D'oh.
  • Buy a PSP - thelifeerotic

Diffuse technology

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I wanted to experiment with making my own diffuser. In this example I set the white balance to tungsten (on my camera), then held a sheet of A4 white paper in front of the light source (hence the 1.5 second exposure time despite the bulb being inches from the subjects). This allowed me to get the 'sexy' highlight on the headphones which were previously over exposing and looked blown out. I used an F2.8 aperture to get some subtle Bokeh/DoF, a custom Photoshop action to give everything a nice blue/grey look and feel then a serious use of the healing brush to remove all the specs of dust. I was really impressed with the difference that made, even on the iPod's screen which includes the LCD's quite complicated texture.

The camera was tripod mounted and given a timed shutter response to make sure there was no 'camera shake'. Next year I'm definately buying a macro lens, I'm so looking forward to that.

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  1. COOL PICS I FOUND ONLINE [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    Is there now a 4 Gig card for the PSP?
    Do you keep the ViPod in a case? I finally bought skins for my black Video, all my other Ipods have skins as does the PSP.

  2. willster 102 months ago | reply

    I use a 'third party' Memory Stick Duo from Sandisk. I really rate Sandisk memory cards.

    I keep the iPod in a 'Proporta Alu-Leather' case, it has a metal plate embedded in the cover to protect the screen.

    I should probably get some sort of protection for the PSP, but to be honest I've not used it all that much. Now that it has a decent sized memory card (as opposed to the 32MB Sony gave me) I might start using it more. PSP software isn't all that hot, for games the Nintendo DS is way better imo.

  3. COOL PICS I FOUND ONLINE [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    I have the Sandisk 1 Gig.

  4. willster 102 months ago | reply

    The Sandisk Sansa is a nice bit of kit. I know it's got good reviews.

  5. Kenny Volodimer 96 months ago | reply

    Very good set, an specialy for this shot with the psp, good work!

  6. willster 86 months ago | reply

    The 'phones are dead now, I plugged them into a aeroplane seat using an adapter just as the stewardess came around, before I'd noticed the left ear was very warm and very not working.

  7. confused247 78 months ago | reply

    Perfect & Proffisional

  8. FattoreWow 53 months ago | reply

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