Napa clock tower (MVC-120F)

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    Never having been to Napa before, and not having any maps or guidebooks, I don't know anything about this very unique clock tower. It's quite amazing, though. I'd love to have seen it all lighted up at night.

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    1. Hermano Ribeiro 76 months ago | reply

      such a different kind of tower!
      so the lamps get lighted up in the night?
      must give a nice effect in the tower!

    2. Willscrlt 76 months ago | reply

      I was there in the summer, and Napa is an hour away from where I live. I left for home while it was still daylight, so I never saw it lighted. Sometime when I return to Napa, I hope it will be lighted so I can take a picture of that.

      Napa has many interesting buildings. It is famous for its wine, but it has a charm and beauty that is nice, too.

    3. Biltmore stick 35 months ago | reply

      Was known to us local teenagers when they erected it downtown (ca 1971) as "Big Ralph" as in "up-chuck" (actually the mayor's first name at the time was Ralph (Trower), and somehow the name was "applied" and stuck). The clock machinery was as I recall of european manufacture. The local Napa Register newspaper carried a great story that the Manufacturer had told their workers that the vineyard workers around Napa would be able to look up from where they were working in the fields and see what time it was (you couldn't see it more than about a block away because it was no taller than the surrounding buildings, so that was a great "lark" I will always remember...).....Alas the clock and clocktower that was the centerpiece of the great downtown redevelopment itself succumb to apparently and even greater redevelopment development, and was carted away to the landfill without a trace of it being left... (we even had President Nixon's Secretary of HUD there for the original dedication and a few of my fellow band members fainted like flies either from all the excitement (it was Napa remember) and/or the heat (it was around 100 as I recall) or both (we were kept standing during all the speeches... ).....thanks for bring back some memories of whats fast becoming the old days......

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