Photos from the late-2007 production of Artifact.

This was notable for the trials and complications involved in getting the original Video 8 recordings digitized without having to pay some studio an arm and a leg to do it.

The first photos are from when I tried to digitize the original VHS master (the 2000 release had been edited on VHS using linear, dual-deck techniques), but went on to discover that my family's DV camcorder only supported analog A/V output.

Fortunately, I scrounged up a working Hi8 camcorder from the Centre for Art Tapes and so I went to White Lance Headquarters one late autumn evening where we were able to use Mike's DV camcorder as a bridge to digitize the video as the camera played it back.

Then I embarked on the long, long journey of reassembling and reediting the movie practically from scratch. At one point I had to send my computer away for servicing, adding more time to the project.

Finally, I was able to press some DVDs only days before my high school Christmas party reunion, ensuring that I got a few copies handed out before leaving for Japan January 1st, 2008.

You can see the movie on YouTube and If you'd like me to whet your appetite for it first, take a look at the trailer. Enjoy!
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