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    these are the first 2 two page episodes of "Familiar", my first attempt with a long term narrative in comics. I began this as an assignment for a class but it has since taken on a life of its own. I estimate that this specific story is going to take 6 more pages to finish (or three episodes) It was kind of a shock to the system at first, spending so much time thinking perfecting, considering dialogue when usually my single panel cartoons I can bang out super quick. there is a lot I'm hoping to improve in the upcoming issues. I was pretty unhappy with my own lettering and in the future I feel like I'll need to have the writing fit less awkwardly in each panel (this is partly due to me having to shrink the pages down when printing which I forgot would also make the speech bubbles smaller). there is a lot of smudges and drips that are a by-product of not being used to drawing so small, and the panel borders are clearly a nightmare, but overall my excitement about finishing this story far overshadows any frustrations I've had in making these comics. I'm really interested in hearing any opinions or constructive criticism.

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    1. zach hazard vaupen 75 months ago | reply


      i don't mind the panel borders or smudges, but the text definitely needs work. definitely make it bigger, and i recommend using ruled lines for the text (when penciled only of course) if it's going to go more than 3 lines (i hate using ruled lines for text so i just avoid having that much text haha). there was also some lettering tool they made us use during my brief stint at cartooning school that makes perfect ruled lines for lining up text, but i forget what it's called because i threw it out right away.

      as far as the visual storytelling goes though, it's great! art looks good and there's nothing so confusing happening that i lose focus of what's going on, which is a big problem most people face when starting out with longer form comics. good job, looking forward to how this shit turns out.

    2. Sticherbeast 75 months ago | reply

      This is pretty terrific, sir. The panels and smudges are fine, too.

      The lettering needs work, and you know that. Also, I think the fourth panel (left-hand, second from the top) is a bit busy for its size.

      Other than, it's genuinely awesome.

    3. Alesha Burk 75 months ago | reply

      I think it looks perfect!

    4. Hell's Donut House 75 months ago | reply

      Love the controlled use of color. Don't mind the irregular borders at all, "conventional" or otherwise... gives it a sense of urgency that could be further explored in future pages if played with deliberately.

      Looking forward to more!

    5. Darius twin 75 months ago | reply

      these are awesome man. love the humor, style, conflict, and characters. very original and entertaining. love the bro references and the DK patch. keep up the great work! I don't mind the borders, and I can read the type.

    6. Karl Miller Espinosa 75 months ago | reply

      the line work is sick man! get these printed and a sick cover made for them.

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