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14/365 - "Always Turn a Negative Situation Into a Positive Situation" | by willl
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14/365 - "Always Turn a Negative Situation Into a Positive Situation"

"Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation" - Michael Jordan.


Lighting info:

- 1x SB-800 camera left (1/32 power) on side of DIY macro box with gel attached

- 1x SB-600 camera left and slightly behind camera. Power at 1/16


Sorry, no setup photo this time. It's pretty stock standard stuff with DIY macro box. Light is easy. It's the concepts and ideas that take time.


For these little subjects in the macro box i'll pretty much start at 1/32 power on the flash and dial up or down. Then camera settings will start at around f/11, ISO 200. Shutter speed is somewhere between 1/500 to 1/800 and triggered via a cactus v4. If it's a 2 light setup, both flashes start at 1/32 and i'll adjust to taste. And no, this shot isn't about being a model of perfection but rather exploring different and new ideas. That's pretty much my goal for this 365 - Explore new ideas, and forcing myself to do different things and record them and see what happens over a year.


The general idea was to cast a shadow on the backdrop for our little figurine.


There were a few other attempts at this with different composition, but I liked the shadow in this one.


An alternate caption could have been something to do with shadows. Hrmmm...

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Taken on July 15, 2009