• Biscuits by Eva
  • Homebrewed wasail by Will and Jesse
  • Celebration roast by Field Roast (a blend of European and Asian heritage!!!!)
  • Eva Wang, a blend of European and Asian heritage!
  • Mighty Miso Gravy by Eva
  • Chesnut stuffing by Will
  • Roasted vegetables by Will
  • Traditional cranberry sauce by Eva
  • Raw cranberry sauce by Eva
  • Kale by Eva
  • Salt and pepper grinders by Perfex
  • Here's ta me an'ma wifes usban, not fo'get ting mesen

Thanksgiving '07

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  1. Miss Lady Monica 106 months ago | reply

    How did your field roast turn out? We tried one for Christmas too year but it got a bit dry. I'd be interested to hear your technique.

  2. williumbillium 106 months ago | reply

    It came out pretty good. I think the secret is basting it with some kind of liquid (we used vegetable stock). They really like to lie on the directions about how long it takes though. 15minutes! More like 45. We had one for christmas too and we steamed it for 15 minutes, then baked it for about ~25 minutes and basted it a few times. That seemed to work well.

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