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St. Louis Street Scene

St. Louis, MO.


* * * * *


August 3, 1960, by Eric Prager


We got up at 5:30 AM for showers. Mr. Kohnken told us we had to get dressed and packed by 6:15 at which time we started to load the bus.


When that was done, we went to eat breakfast, this time by bus. At 7:30 AM., we finished a good meal and boarded the bus for Columbus, Ohio.


We had to wait until 7:45 for our police escort before we could leave. The escort must have lost their way after that because we had a small tour of the surrounding area. But we soon crossed the Mississippi River and traveled through East St. Louis. The trip to Columbus would be 423 miles and our estimated time of arrival was 6:00 PM.


We crossed the Illinois-Indiana state line at 11:20 AM and arrived in Terre Haute, Indiana at 11:35 AM. We were supposed to pick up a police escort here, instead all we picked up were a few rain showers.


At 11:50 we made a stop at Brazil, Indiana, for the rest room and ice cream. This was a Howard Johnson’s Restaurant.


We bought 12 quarts of milk at a local store and left at 12:10. Our lunch stop was at a roadside park on route US #40, near Stilesville, Indiana. Here we had our usual box lunch (taken aboard the bus in the morning). We also drank the milk we had bought in Brazil.


Practical joking with a state trooper, Dave Braun almost succeeded in getting Mr. Kohnken locked up (at least Dave thought the gag almost worked).


We left at 1:45 PM. and shortly after we turned our watches ahead from 1:50 to 2:50; we were riding into the Eastern Time Zone - the last time change for the trip.


We arrived at Indianapolis, Indiana, at 3:25 PM where we again picked up a police escort. This one beat all escorts -- eight motorcycle policemen, sirens wailing, brought us through the main street for about 4 or 5 miles at a very slow pace (it took us forty minutes to go through the town).


After we dropped off the police escort, Casey was relieved to pick up speed and at 5:45 PM, we crossed the Indiana-Ohio state line.


At 6:15 we passed a tractor smashed and piled up on the left side of US #40, headed in the same direction as we were going. It was the first accident we had seen or heard of during the whole trip.


We entered Columbus, Ohio at 6:35 PM and arrived at the Ohio State University Fair Grounds at 7:00.


We ate supper right away at Mrs. Roots Party Home, a cafeteria on the campus. While we ate a lady played an organ and later was swamped with requests for songs.


After supper was over, we unpacked and went to nearby dormitories, where we discovered we would have double decker spring* beds.


Before bedtime at 11:10 PM, we had free time to watch TV, play shuffle board, pitch horseshoes, or just roam around.


* The second time during the entire trip.


* * * * *

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