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    1. 4mul8 96 months ago | reply

      No, no - I wanted to super-size the burgers, not the board.

    2. *ELNA 96 months ago | reply

      im a skateboarder and im not really into burgers...
      he he

    3. Ani Rexy 96 months ago | reply

      i <3 this photo

    4. Michael Ronquillo 95 months ago | reply

      This is inspiring.

    5. shappell 94 months ago | reply

      this is cool

    6. jjprojects 88 months ago | reply

      Awesome. Love it.

    7. brancusi7 78 months ago | reply

      ah - the puberty shark.

    8. merkley??? 66 months ago | reply

      ok please tell me you had something to do with this video. i don't want to believe people would be so lame as to outright steal like this


    9. albino_octopus 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the heads up merkley???..........I had no idea that my ideas were getting hacked

    10. Fort Photo 66 months ago | reply

      Just read about about the idea appropriation. I've been seeing more of this lately, so sorry it happened to you. Would be much cooler if they hired you to make it.

    11. ImagezByOscar 66 months ago | reply

      Have to agree with Fort Photo on this point... would have been cooler to hire you...

    12. Joanne Dale 66 months ago | reply

      Great, original idea - I'm with Oscar - they should have paid you. Seen via Thomas Hawk's Blog

    13. WinnipegC 66 months ago | reply

      That's f**ked up.

      It's a distinct image, and using the same angle too! I would say those guys owe you something, at the very least, a credit and an apology.

    14. WinnipegC 66 months ago | reply

      Here's another ripoff from the video.

      At the 1:43 mark, there's an astronaut with pancakes for a head.

      So I went to google images, and typed in: pancakes for a head
      and after about 3 pages, I found this image:

      from this page:

      This photo was uploaded June 15th 2009, and according to wikipedia, the video for 'Heaven Can Wait;' was released Nov 19th 2009, plenty of time to rip off this photo too!

      Who is this director Keith Schofield ripping off ideas and passing them off like it's his own.

    15. Matt McLemore 65 months ago | reply

      you have indeed been ripped off.. I dont think he could claim he was "inspired" by your image...it is just way way too close to be anything but stealing..sorry to see that.

    16. Cultxyst 64 months ago | reply

      Hello, we want your photo: Derange

    17. alienorbd 53 months ago | reply

      This is great

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