Apple Store, Birmingham Bullring - iPhone 4 Launch Queue

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Yes, you're seeing that right, there is a Nokia Ovi stall right outside the Apple Store. I think Nokia want to catch people's attentions.

The queue line at the Apple Store, Birmingham Bullring, for the iPhone 4 launch.

Sadly, I wasn't able to get one today as they had run out. I had placed a reservation for a SIM free phone, but as my O2 account is under my dad's name, he asked if I could get the phone on a contract instead. So I cancelled the preorder, but then he changed his mind, so, oops. :P

However, I am now on Apple's "priority list", which means as soon as they get more in, they'll send me an email and I can go and pick one up from the store. I did get to play with one quickly today too, and I must say, the screen is incredible. I can't wait to get mine. :(

  1. lilyyukilove 57 months ago

    OMG. is the time before 8AM???
    i dont think i could get mine anyway. sadly

  2. William Hook 57 months ago

    This would have been about 09:15-09:30 or so.

    Store itself opened at 08:00.

  3. Stango Dango 57 months ago

    Those people need to get a life. There is no need to wait in line for days to get a stupid phone. I will wait until July to get mine and if they run out I will put it off until the next month. SMDH

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