iPhone 3GS 16GB Black (Back)

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    My new iPhone 3GS which I picked up from the Apple Store in Birmingham yesterday. It's shiny, and very fast too. It's also a massive fingerprint magnet. I posted a sortof review type blog post thingy here: here.

    Also, these aren't the best photos, so if you want to see some better shots, look here. That's the older iPhone 3G, however both the 3G and 3GS are identical on the outside which are almost identical, other then the text - the 3GS has chrome lettering, and the 3G does not.

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    1. William Hook 53 months ago | reply

      Ah cool. Always nice when you get free upgrades eh? :D

    2. randomrazr 53 months ago | reply

      oh yes i did not see that coming, im so glad i got the 3gs, u were right "would have been worth" the extra 50 but i didnt need to pay the 50 LOL

      how is ur iphone treating you so far?

      do u use any cases yet?

    3. randomrazr 53 months ago | reply

      i went through my photostream thhis is my most viewed iphone pic

      what do u think? www.flickr.com/photos/24140175@N02/3897097850/

    4. William Hook 53 months ago | reply

      www.flickr.com/photos/williamhook/2830319467/ <-- my most viewed photo (overall).

      And nope, I don't use a case. I have an InvisibleSHIELD but I've not put it on yet, lol. I should, I suppose.

    5. randomrazr 53 months ago | reply

      ugh invisible shield, i tried that stuff three times and said f it lol

      the third time i got it perfect but, in theory it sounds like a good idea but invisible shield just dint work for me. it like tints the white iphone, has an "orange peel" effect

      and i just miss the actual feel of the iphone when it was on.

      wasnt that great but if u still have like a 30day refund thing on it, try it now see if u like it, but if u dont take it back

      plus becareful when putting it on, iphone has 2 water stickers on the botton port and headphone jack, if they turn red...apple says we cant do shit :s lol

    6. William Hook 53 months ago | reply

      I had one on my old iPhone and it was fine. :)

    7. randomrazr 53 months ago | reply

      haha well if u dont need it i jsut wouldnt recommend to put it on

      if u do, becareful of putting it on the screen, the 3gs oleaphobic coating jmakes things extremely harder to do :S

      but thats my experience lol

    8. randomrazr 52 months ago | reply

      hey william, i need ur help again

      im sending my iphone in for replacement due to some isses (bad luck u could say lol)

      and as u know i have the white iphone

      i was wondering since u have both colors (i think) do u think i should switch to black this time? or what is ur preference?

    9. William Hook 52 months ago | reply

      Up to you. Your phone, your choice.

    10. randomrazr 52 months ago | reply

      ye i kno but u have both and experienced both lol

      which one is your preference?

    11. William Hook 52 months ago | reply

      I've never owned a white one, and since I have a black one that would, I would guess, indicate that I like the black more. :p

    12. AppleMad 51 months ago | reply

      I prefer my white one because it doesn't show fingerprints all over the back or look smeared, its bad enough keeping the glass front clean let alone the back as well ..lol

    13. randomrazr 51 months ago | reply

      ive got the black one now just to update you

      and i LOVE IT

      after expeirencing both now, i prefer the blackk

      i have one question though, the applegguy offered me to upgrade from 16gb to 32gb, would that have been worth it?

    14. William Hook 51 months ago | reply

      I dunno. Up to you. :p

    15. MeInTheNewWorld 50 months ago | reply

      I love how everything apple makes is simple but beautiful. The black and chrome is perfect!!!

    16. randomrazr 50 months ago | reply

      hey william, got one final update for you man.

      i got the 32gb black iphone 3gs, and it is da BOMB

      thanks for all ur help lol

    17. randomrazr 46 months ago | reply

      for some reason it wont let me comment on your new iphone 4 pictures lol anyway si was wondering how much u payed for the phone when ur already contracted ont he 3gs?

    18. randomrazr 46 months ago | reply

      wow u pretty much payed full price for the iphone 4? YIKES

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