• Samsung HE160HJ.
    160GB, empty.
  • Samsung HD502IJ.
    500GB, (currently) used for Windows 7.
  • Samsung HD103UJ.
    1000GB, used for movies (1080p).
  • Samsung HD103UJ.
    1000GB, used for movies (720p).
  • Western Digital WD10EAVS.
    1000GB, used for TV shows.

I probably have more HDDs than you!

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Feel free to prove me wrong if you have more HDDs. Post a pic of yours in the comments. :D

This is *primarly* the reason for getting rid of the Shuttle I had and getting a normal ATX case. All of these, except the bottom one, were in USB caddies and making a huge mess. :P

Not pictured: other HDDs in my house, including, but not limited to: 250GB (my laptop), 320GB (my backup drive), 320GB (dad's backup drive), 100GB (old USB HDD), 60GB (PlayStation 3), 320GB (my Sky+HD box), 500GB (downstairs Sky+HD box), 30GB (dad's old laptop, lol), 60GB (dad's laptop), and 250GB (old DVD recorder).

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  1. grapegravity 91 months ago | reply

    Ah, no, no you don't. I don't have more storage space on them, though. ;)

  2. Acksaw 91 months ago | reply

    No, you don't

  3. kirky29 91 months ago | reply

    Nope ;)
    3 Laptop. 4 IDE 3.5's and maybe 3 SATA 3.5
    You've got more storage space though..... ;)

    Oh and they're the ones just sitting about, doing nothing. 5 Laptops and 3 maybe 4 Desktops.

  4. William Hook 91 months ago | reply

    Updated the description to list all the other HDDs in my house. :P

  5. kirky29 91 months ago | reply

    Wait! You're aloud to list the DVR Boxes too! Well, OK. We've also got 2 DVR (250gb) and 1 DVD-Recorder (don't know what gig)
    If I'm aloud 2 External Hard Drives? Two :) -- God Knows how many PenDrives.. haha. iPod? 80GB. Hell, iPhone! 8gb!

  6. movingeverything? 90 months ago | reply

    hmm lets see...

    Desktop: 11 hard drives in or nearby in removable trays or external enclosures. 2x1TB, 4x400GB, 2x160GB, 1x120GB, 2x320GB
    HTPC: 1 drive
    2 laptops = 2 more drives and there's one 2.5" portable drive. Doesn't include DVRs, my old MP3 player or anything I could be forgetting.

  7. Aaronage(old) 90 months ago | reply

    That's a huge amount of storage LOL

    250GB ext, 2 X 80GB ext, 2 X 500GB ext, 2 X 160GB Custom PC, 320GB MBP, 40GB Advent, 60GB PB, 40GB PS3, 2 X 320GB Compaq PC's, 250GB Tosh, 160GB Packard B, 60GB iPod Video, 60GB iPod Colour.

    17, I think that's 'em all, not counting flash media of course :)

  8. Ultimate User 90 months ago | reply

    Pfffft, I've got more than that in one computer, My Windows Home Server :)

    4TB of hard drivey goodness. (4 x 1TB drives)

    Also on my own PC (The Black Box) :

    60GB OCZ SDD, 140GB Raptor Enterprise, 320GB Hitachi

    On the Media PC in the living room :

    140GB Raptor Enterprise, 1TB Hitachi.

    I winzors !!

  9. movingeverything? 90 months ago | reply

    I'm waiting for SSDs to get cheaper and I will probably upgrade my main desktop and my laptop to SSDs for the system drives around when Windows 7 comes out. Since the good ones are at least as fast as a Raptor but have much faster random & multiple access speeds they'd be nice system drives.

  10. William Hook 90 months ago | reply

    Bah okay, so most of you have more HDDs then me. :(

    I'm waiting until SSDs have ALL the issues ironed out before I invest in one...and when I can get 60GB for under £50, I'll buy one.

  11. movingeverything? 90 months ago | reply

    Yeah I don't know when I'll see issues all ironed out for SSDs but I'd be happy with the better multichannel MLCs like the Intel X25 or whatever it's called as a system drive. They're just still to expensive, but once I can get at least around 160GB for a price more comparable to the WD Raptor drives I'll be much more tempted. I might just wait for Windows 7 though so that I don't have to install an OS more than is necessary anyway... I'm lazy.

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