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Still not got a 3G iPhone. :(

Also, pics of screens are annoyingly hard to take because the camera insists on focusing on every pixel, which is annoying.

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  1. Scott Nicol 69 months ago | reply

    I like, can I have it? Also, if you are having trouble with the focusing, I generally shove it in Manual and adjust that way, auto can be annoying.

  2. William Hook 69 months ago | reply

    No. :P

    And, it's not that it's hard to focus on (the exact opposite, in fact), it's just that the camera picks up all the individual pixels and makes it look weird - similar to when you see someone on TV with a shirt on with really fine stripes.

  3. roogster 69 months ago | reply

    From all the issues that the 3g seems to have (and AT&T's horrible coverage in the Kansas area) I think the first gen is the better setup right now.

  4. William Hook 69 months ago | reply

    True, but the UK 3G towers are a lot less overused then the US ones, so it's pretty safe to change over. Besides, the only other issues that I've seen is that the back seems to crack for some people, but that's nothing a little AppleCare (or insurance) can't cover. :)

  5. christian1094 61 months ago | reply

    What theme is that?
    And is that a last.fm icon in the top bar of the screen?

  6. William Hook 61 months ago | reply

    Agua, and yes, it is (MobileScrobbler). :)

  7. daniel.ducro 56 months ago | reply

    Hi William Hook,
    I used your image for my upcoming website.

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