dinosaur w/saddle

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    This is why you go to the Creationism Museum

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    1. jagosaurus 82 months ago | reply

      I am DYING to make a road trip to see this place.
      Seen in your Creationism Museum set. (?)

    2. Tod Brilliant 82 months ago | reply

      OH OH OH OH how nice is this? That tile work, for starters!

    3. williac 82 months ago | reply

      Yeah... this is at the end, right by the exit... err... I mean mandatory trip through the bookstore, before you can get to the exit.

    4. ~KIM~ 81 months ago | reply

      OH>>>>>MY>>>>>>GOD>>>>>>(with a lowercase g)! These creationist dinos are Everywhere!!!

    5. sarabellum (hlh) 80 months ago | reply

      i rode this DragoSaur...this place is NUTS, you gotta see it, they spent $25 million for this propaganda

    6. williac 80 months ago | reply

      I'm jealous. Some kid got on it and stayed there right after I got my photo.

    7. photolitherland 70 months ago | reply

      I think its Dinotopia. They took it literally; silly Ken Ham.

    8. stantonhess 58 months ago | reply

      Dinosaurs with saddles? Do they have any proof of this? Or do you have to have faith that this is how it was?

    9. williac 58 months ago | reply

      If I remember right, they only insist that Dinosaurs coexisted with humans and assume they were probably domesticated.

    10. Librarianguish 50 months ago | reply

      This must have been representative of the steed that Jesus rode into town on - purple IS the color for royalty, after all.

    11. sblomquist 47 months ago | reply

      I have to go see this place, I would probably have to be escorted out though...

    12. King Meow 35 months ago | reply

      Yabba dabba doooooooooo!

    13. chardunk 35 months ago | reply

      There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin.

    14. SilencingTheMachine 35 months ago | reply

      This is why the aliens won't come down and visit us. They think we're fucking retarded.

    15. martazz2011 35 months ago | reply

      Of course dinosaurs coexisted with humans-- didn't you watch THE FLINSTONES as a kid? That wasn't a cartoon you know, it was a documentary.
      And fossils were put on the earth by The Devil just to fool us atheists

    16. k2webster 35 months ago | reply

      Hmm - wonder what kind of gas mileage this thing got?

    17. Manic Xav 34 months ago | reply

      "Yabba dabba doooooooooo!"
      I'm gonna visit this place one day, and now I have to yell that when I leave. :D

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