A014 Kilburn High Road NW6 - 2011

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    Further along Kilburn High Road from picture beginning A012 is Marks and Spencer with a lovely façade. It looks palatial with the balconies and the columns. M&S have had a shop in the High Road for many years and as Flickr member www.flickr.com/photos/24772733@N05/ confirms in A012 this shop was here in 1960. I seem to recall it was not just a food store in the 1950s but sold clothes, lights and other items. Wonder if big Marks and Spencer letters were ever in the vacant area below the building roof line?

    Immediately to it's right, from the camera perspective, is a rather awful looking building over Clinton Cards. How could planning permission be given to a building so out of character with it's neighbours? In 1960 the shop was Lilley and Skinners, a well known shoe shop seen in many high streets. Looking closely at this shop can be seen some green marble like material, immediately to the right of the decorative pier on the M&S frontage. Maybe it is the remains of what once covered the area above Lilley and Skinners/Clinton Cards.

    Further right still is Boots Chemist, a long time shop in this situation,

    Dolcis, another well known shoe shop of the 50/60s was on the corner of West End Lane, just pass M&S. Here is a little bit of information about Dolcis en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolcis_Shoes . The shop is now “traid”. There are a couple of face statues/plates in the wall of this building. Any ideas on what they are?

    Across on the other corner of West End Lane is a bank. Kilburn seemed to have many banks on corners. Maybe banks preferred these situations to have the advantage of one less wall to be guarded from cunning safe crackers. Wonderful stonework around the entrance and other parts of this building, but spoiled a bit by the satellite dish. This is now the NatWest, but was originally The Westminster Bank. The premises over the top of this bank were once occupied by Encyclopaedia Britannica. Guess the bank thought them a safe bet to help protect their premises and money.

    The prompting of my memories about these shops and new information have been greatly assisted by “bowroaduk” Thank you once more for this.

    1. Fraser the Frank Fish 77 months ago | reply

      The M&S was still general (ie not just food) right up to the late 80s, possibly early 90s. It was food-only just before I moved out around 1993.

    2. Willesden Lane and surrounds 77 months ago | reply

      Fraser the Frank Fish Thanks for comments. I moved out of Kilburn about 1964. I would return to visit my parents but would not get down the High Road very much. Good to hear from people who were there later to update things. Yes, I recall it was a 'general' sort of store later as well. It is amazing that has remained there for so many years. The facade still fascinates me. Half expect to see some dignitary appear and wave to the crowds below. Such a pity about the Clinton Cards shop's facade. Les.

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