M's Big Girl Room
UPDATE 9/07: We are basically done with the big girl room! We have just a few minor things to do, but for the most part we are finished. The closet has even been straighten up and is ready to house more toys when the time comes.
The preparations for Mallory's big girl room have begun. Painting, painting, and more painting will keep us busy: two-toned walls with stripes (we changed our minds and did a diamond pattern instead), the ceiling painted to look like a sky and painting a piece of furniture is the plan. Add in a little bit of sewing (curtains and dust ruffle) and some carpentry (shelf above window and molding around the room) and hopefully we'll get it all finished before she turns two. Oh, and we need to organize/repack the closet. Stay tuned for pictures of the room in progress and when it is finished.
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