Tantrum Trio

We followed these three rhinos from across Mankwe dam as they were walking down the side of the hill towards the water. It was amusing to see how the zebras made way for this trio as they approached the water's edge. It was wonderful just to watch the interaction of the animals and for a change to shoot in the environment images instead of the normal in your face pictures that I shoot most of the time.

I know a lot of my Flickr contacts have a very soft spot for these unfortunate hairy horn medicine bearers and when one sees them like this, free and wild as they were created to be, one is appalled at the myopic outlook and greed of homo sapiens. No wonder Nietzsche said that man was created more ape than many a simian!

The species name homo sapiens, meaning wise man was given to humans in 1758. But given our greed and stupidity, not to forget our short-sighted behaviour, that name needs to be changed, one writer claims. Some put forward the name of homo complexus saying that we are a complex species. NO! I say selfish is much nearer to the truth, especially around the way nature is exploited. ~ Pilanesberg Nature Reserve ~ D3S 50188W

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Taken on July 28, 2012