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Hidden Beauty - next door !





Today, I overlooked all the other `life saving work' which goes on as a routine these days at my place; I wanted to shoot to fill my heart with some happiness and joy once again, which has been missing for long. Enough of working 24x7....! Pulled out my macro lens from my silica gel loaded jars and fitted on to my Canon, got it ready to shoot. Placed some wild flowers under my Elinchroms. Its a great feeling when shutter goes click click click... Its a joy which has no bounds.


I used to admire these small flowers commonly known as `rubber bush' (Calotropis procera), `apple of Sodom', Aak (in Hindi), almost everyday, when I go out to drop my kids to the school bus, at the main gate of my society. Finally, I asked my assistant to get few bunches of these flowers, exuding copious milky sap when cut or broken.


While shooting, one always tries to find what could make the shot interesting i.e. colours, texture, light, nature of subject, etc. And when I was doing the same exercise after two three shots, my eyes and mind were searching for that thing which could make the shot better and better. To my surprise, I saw two tiny ants, running all over the flower like a Ferrari runs on the Formula 1 track, amazing speed for its size. They were fueled with better than rocket propellant, I am sure. I started observing to assess the whole situation about how to make use of these ants and was keeping continues vigil through my lens, crouched badly, on them like a detective agency will do. I noticed that these ants make few rounds around the flower in full speed and then stop on the edges of the petals for a split second and wave their tentacles in air and that is what noticed my eyes and I wanted to capture that and this became my sole target. I had fine tuned to sync my hands, brain, eyes, remote of camera, camera mounted on tripod, just like a radar will track its target. I was firing my camera like a machine gun to capture that moment of these ants which will place, at least, one ant against light with its tentacles waving. After having fired more than 100 shots, I succeeded a bit. I will repeat the session tomorrow, if my routine routine work permits me.


Thought, I should share the shot with you all. Also, I would like to grab this opportunity to send you all, my BEST WISHES for your photography. I have got back here after more than a year. I will be playing `hide and seek' for some more time, before I break some good news to you all.

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Taken on August 2, 2011