Common Krait Coiled After Bath for Photo Session

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    Learn About Snakes & Snakebite

    This common krait was rescued from a house and rehabilitated in the wild, after a photo session. Its the deadliest Indian snake, known to be 15 times more venomous than a cobra. It had to be given bath during the photo session, as the dust particles were showing up with macro lens. Thus these droplets on the snake.

    Usually, I do a photo session with rescued snakes, before their rehabilitation. I use Canon 20D + 30D, Canon 180mm L series macro, Canon 100 mm macro, etc. Always, I consider safety of paramount concern, I may miss my planned shots, but no fooling around with snakes beyond a limit. I respect and fear them as I did when I had not known them, rather I am more scared of them now, as I know how complicated snakebite can get. I have seen some of the snake handlers getting bitten and then leaving the world forever, foolish ! It happens, when one gets over confident about snakes and starts handling them as if they are a machine under full control.

    Snakes are known for `making great escapes and giving surprises all the time’. One should not trouble them beyond a certain point while doing photo session and respect them for their `right to live’ in peace.

    Here, I was about 12-18 inches from this snake. The catch is to make no sudden movements next to snake; they perceive threat from our movements and may bite if very close. To know more about how to photograph snakes, please click here:

    This snake was rescued from a house by me. I run the Snake Cell, which is to help people understand about snakes and snakebite, and their role in ecology of this planet and our environment. The Snake Cell has remained as a self-funded project for ten years now. To know more about the Snake Cell, please click here

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    1. Alexander Yates 102 months ago | reply

      That's unreal...

    2. disturbedfred 102 months ago | reply

      This is stunning shot...very good info as wel

    3. ^mddog~ [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

      I agree with chunanguy, i have a 300mm L F4 IS and you can get relly close i mean withing 5 feet, i never thought about snakes but now i realize you can get alsmot a macro effect at a safe distance, the IS really helps too. if you wanna get even closer stick a 1.4x converter and now you have a 420mm at 5 feet, good, quality too. We need to keep you alive my friend, you're too important. :)

    4. mimbrava 102 months ago | reply

      You are brave to have shot this from so close, and I'm wondering, with chunanguy and mddog, if you wouldn't have done almost as well with a longer lens that would keep you at a safer distance. Admittedly you know your snakes--and you are doing a great service in your work and your photography--but you must stay safe!

    5. birdoncape [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

      I applaude your work with the snakes.
      Really really fantastic photo Captain Suresh!!!
      This is such a beautiful snake. Such lovely colors and detail!
      Superb!!! Best Wishes To You.

    6. Javier Ábalos Álvarez 100 months ago | reply

      krait are so dangerous, this one seem very choked!

    7. maneeshks 100 months ago | reply

      Bravo Captain - great shot! Just wish it was face on. Thanks for the info.

    8. Camilo Posada 98 months ago | reply

      ugghgg!! my respects

    9. anand08447 90 months ago | reply

      gud shot.....

    10. hvhe1 88 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot. And, partly, I don't agree with above comments; you would never have gotten this clarity, definition and sharpness with a larger telephoto lens. The part I do agree on is that it sounds like a very dangerous enterprise, only to be carried out by someone like you, who knows how to handle these beautiful creatures.

    11. Audrey R. Smith (NatureQuest) 85 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Venomous Creatures, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    12. Gunjan verma 85 months ago | reply

      wow..u have a beautiful stream!!..really enjoyed going through it!

    13. dr vinod 84 months ago | reply

      Lovely shot and vital information

    14. Klienes 80 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous one.

    15. sparky ny 76 months ago | reply

      Holy .... !!! This is my FAVORITE shot, by far !!! You took this so well, he looks fake ! Hahaha... marvelous...!! :p

    16. S Arman S 73 months ago | reply

      Brilliant SHOT……. ;
      Bungarus …….are my all time favorite……!!!!. is it a south west coast population.....???

    17. 43 months ago | reply

      snakes are very much beautiful they wont harm any body just like that until n unless we dont harm them

    18. Phasmomantis 40 months ago | reply

      This is a terrific shot and I love the sharp detail.

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