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To look at the flowers at Birdsong Nature Center for a particular month, click on these album for that month.

When you are in the album, if you click on a particular photo and scroll down until you see the text below it, you will get additional information about the flower, including its scientific name and often where it may be seen at Birdsong.

The photos in all of the sets are "tagged" by month and color and "Birdsong". In the upper right hand corner of the screen (as seen here) there is a white search box. If, for instance, you want to see all of the yellow flowers at Birdsong, in the search box type "yellow Birdsong" and select "your photostream" from the dropdown menu below the search box. All of the yellow flowers in all of the sets below will be displayed. If you want to see just the yellow flowers for July, for instance, add "July" to your search words.

You can also now download a flickr app onto your smart phone or tablet, and use the same process to identify a flower you might see while you are walking the trails.