Bear Creek Mountain to Devils Horns via Section 3 TH, Goat Rocks Wilderness, WA.
This trip began as a recon to check snow conditions in the basins on the North side of Klickitat Ridge for an eventual backpack into the Conrad Creek / Cold lake area and was cancelled once due to rain and thunderstorms a week later we had at it with a initial forecast of mostly sunny to eventual mostly cloudy. We began at the Section 3 Lake TH to take advantage of the starting elevation of just over 6000' the highest in the Goat Rocks Wilderness. The views were stunning from the summit of Bear Creek Mountain as was the trip up, the ridge South towards Devils Horns has several narrow sections which require you to descend to either side at times with the long traverse on the east side of the ridge being extremely steep and loose with no run out we made it to the saddle below Devils Horns and decided with the weather changing we would not want to come back through here the next day if it was wet with full packs, we had just done the hard part but decided to go back while the weather was dry and ended up camping high in a flat saddle on Pinegrass Ridge. 11 miles, 3040' of elevation gain r/t.
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