North Twenty Mile Mountain 7420'
My hiking and backpacking partner Steve and I decided to get an overview of the Pasayten area and do some recon of vallleys and road conditions in both the Pasayten and Sawtooth wildernesses around Twisp and Winthrop. We started with a day hike of North Twenty Mile Mountain and LO which gives you an expansive viewpoint, it is well graded and was recently logged out with a handful of blowdowns you can easily navigate around due to the extensive wildfires over time most of the trip is in the sun there were two transient streams crossing the trail at the head end of the valley and a spot where you can drop down and filter water from Honeymoon Creek. Once we were on top we were pretty amazed at the overall lack of snow and the wildfire carnage of the area was incredible to see. It was obviously a low snow year everything is open at this point. Once we returned to the TH we drove up all the drainages and camped up Eightmile Rd. the next day we made it to the end of Twisp River Rd. and through that area also.
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