Twin Peaks Traverse 2019
Horse Lake Mountain one time known as just Horse Mountain but frequently referred to as Twin Peaks because of its two prominent highpoints sits at the Western edge of Wenatchee, Washington. On its ridges and slopes at the right time of year wildflowers are a dense carpet running for miles and probably thousands of feet. Over time my hiking partners and I have developed different versions of loops and car to car thruhikes that can be done in a day and one of the best if you hit it at the right time is what we have come to call the "Twin Peaks Traverse", this year we hiked a version of it for 15 miles, 5390' of elevation gain in unexpected and sometimes exhausting full sun all day especially the first 7.1 miles and 4900' climbing to our lunch spot on the higher West summit. The lower elevation wildflowers were past peak but for most of the mileage we had a wildflower wonderland.
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