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Vitamins & Minerals Supplments Following Surgery for Ruptured Appendix | by Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha
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Vitamins & Minerals Supplments Following Surgery for Ruptured Appendix

I got some invaluable advice following hospital discharge from a friend who is GP who has specialised in Nutritional Medicine. He pointed out that the hospital surgery was like a quick pitstop, designed to deal with the immediate crisis and then get me well enough to be released. He made it clear that I still had a long way to go in my recovery and I eventually ended up taking the following, based on the advice from this Doctor, another friend with knowledge in the area, a naturopath and a pharmacist:

- Vit C - build up to 2000mg to 3000mg a day (too much at once can cause diarrhoea)

- Zinc drink in the am, with Vit. C (to aid its absorption) - whilst the drink tastes OK, keep drinking it; when it starts to taste furry, the body has had enough.

- Half a teaspoon of high dose acidopholus powder morning and evening to replace the stomach bacteria which had been stripped due to large doses of antibiotics in hospital to fight the peritonitis

- Iron tablet in the evening, with Vit. C to aid absorption. Zinc and Iron are to be taken 8-10 hours apart since they compete for absorption. Iron is needed to help replace the hameoglobin lost due to blood loss and to rebuild muscle tissue and protein. I lost 4kg of muscle mass in the 11 days between getting sick and being discharged. I also took up eating small medallions of kangaroo meat for dinner and often also lunch and sometimes breakfast for the iron.

Vitamin E

Arnica 200c - a surgical dose of homeopathic Arnica to aid in healing. It is placed under the tongue and absorbed.

Staphisagria 30c - a homeopathic

Multi-B Vitamin - with a mean during the day


I found it difficult in the first week to take pills and used powdered forms where possible or crushed the tablets. The iron was yuck when crushed but everything else was fine.

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Taken on August 22, 2006