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Secretary Bird on the hunt IMG_1983

Secretary Bird on the hunt IMG_1983 Long-crested Eagle searching for prey IMG_8512 Ring-necked and Mourning Doves landing together IMG_0069 Black-shouldered Kite portrait IMG_5070 Greater Kestrel flying IMG_2601 Fork-tailed Drongo portrait IMG_3720 Pygmy Falcon IMG_1342 Lanner Falcon portrait IMG_2726 Arrowmarked Babbler portrait IMG_2957 Ant Eating Chat portrait IMG_1415 Fish Eagle perched on a snag 0R7E1830 Marico Flycatcher portrait IMG_2831 Immature Jackal Buzzard taking off IMG_3541 Pied Crow about to land 0R7E0863 0R7E0444White-browed Sparrow-weaver with wings folded for landing Crowned Plover splashing in rain puddle IMG_1260 Social Weaver portrait IMG_1056 Lilac-breasted Roller in flight File0751 Ostrich dusting at sunset IMG_0507 Immature Pale Chanting Goshawk drinking IMG_5001

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David Bygott says:

Wow! This is an amazing collection of bird photos. You should consider sharing some (of your less sellable images perhaps) with the Encyclopedia of Life project
Posted 89 months ago. ( permalink )

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Rainbirder says:

Congratulations on a truly superb showcase of African birds.
Posted 83 months ago. ( permalink )

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zimbart says:

Truly excellent collection of African bird photos. Congratulations!!
Posted 79 months ago. ( permalink )

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