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365 Breakfasts 063: Maple-Rum French Toast

Maple-rum French toast topped with strawberries and whipped cream.


Recipe from p. 648 of the 75th anniversary edition of Joy of Cooking called for sugar or maple syrup and vanilla or rum in the batter. What would you use?


It also called for "white sandwich bread." Obviously I used whole-grain bread. Now for my bread rant:


Does anyone reading this still eat white bread? You need an intervention. Whole grain bread has more flavor, more nutrition, more fiber. It tastes better and is more healthful.


And what's this about "white or wheat"? People, what is white bread made of? White flour. What is white flour made of? Wheat!


So unless you're on a gluton-free diet (which exempts you from this entire discussion), white bread is wheat bread. The choice, correctly stated, is "white or whole wheat." But really that is no choice of all. The only correct answer is, "whole wheat, please."


You're welcome!

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Taken on February 29, 2008