2010 Mission POSSIBLE Tour
During the summer of 2010, Jon and Earline Blumhagen became riders of the FIRST recumbent trikes to complete the entire 2,222 miles Mississippi River Trail from Lake Itasca, Minnesota to the Southernmost Point in Louisiana sign, 100 miles south of New Orleans, LA. The trikes they rode were from Power On Cycling - www.poweroncycling.com, and made by Inspired Cycle Engineering in Cornwall, England - www.icetrikes.co

Jon rode a 2009 "T", and Earline rode a 2010 Adventure. Earline is also the FIRST Black woman to complete the entire MRT on a cycle of ANY kind.

During their 92-day journey, Earline and her husband Jon pedaled with purpose. They rode the 2,222 miles of the Mississippi River Trail over the months of June, July and August, meeting with families, churches, and organizations along the way to share ideas, exchange programs and take surveys among the hearing and D/deaf alike to raise Deaf awareness, FRIENDS, and “FUN-DS.”

See, in 1985 Earline gave birth to a healthy boy who later lost his hearing due to complications from meningitis.

It’s a common theme. 90% of Deaf children are born to hearing parents. Only 10% of those parents ever bother to learn sign language. Earline bothered. Years later she and her husband adopted a Deaf teenage girl. By then Earline was well on her way to her life’s work of bringing Deaf awareness to the hearing world and advancing opportunities for the Deaf and families.

Calling themselves WiFi Pedalers (an acronym for Word-Inspired Family Involvement), Earline and Jon braved the elements, traveling only with their trikes and a deep compassion to be a voice for the Deaf.

Highlights included meeting a bike shop owner who was a nationally certified interpreter, attending a Deaf softball game in St. Cloud, Minnesota, attending a Deaf Bible study in Burlington, Iowa, meeting and having a long conversation with Deaf gentleman in the town of Louisiana, Missouri, still able to easily remember the painful childhood memories of peers making fun of his deafness, the opportunity to minister at 2 autonomous Deaf churches in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and meeting and encouraging kids and teens at the Louisiana School for the Deaf.

To read the story of their entire journey, read their daily blog from the trip at www.wifipedalers.com
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