WHW’s 5th Annual Boys2Men - June 2015
In California 65% of foster youth emancipate without a place to live, 51% are unemployed within 2-4 years of emancipation and 70% of all state prison inmates were in foster care. WHW’s Boys2Men event was created to assist soon-to-be emancipated at-risk youth by providing tools, skills and resources to assist them in obtaining gainful employment during this critical point in their lives.

WHW’s 5th Annual Boys2Men was held on Saturday, June 6th. In partnership with Orangewood Children’s Foundation, 44 young men participated in a day of Empowerment that included breakfast, inspirational presentations and interactive employment readiness workshops. The highlight of the event was the time that each youth spent with a volunteer business man who acts as a personal shopper, helping them to select a suit and the accessories, as well as a mentor-for-the-day providing for some much needed man to man time.

The event, which has grown each year, now includes a mock business lunch, which helps introduce some of the soft skills that the young men will need as they venture into the world of work and featured a keynote by David Kim, Co-Managing Partner of The Bascom Group. The Bascom Group, which has sponsored the event for the last three years, provides the funds for the suits, the accessories and the lunch, sending some of their executives to do the shopping and volunteer at the event.

The hope is that the Boys2Men event and time spent with successful businessmen will plant seeds of encouragement and inspiration for these boys who will need to become men very quickly.
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