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Madame de la Sofa {42/365}

The artist looks up from his work and squints as he stares at me. “Here, bring your arms in front of you, Madam…one resting against your lap, like this.” He rests his left arm across his legs to demonstrate, and I copy him. “For your right arm…no, I don’t like it just hanging there. Hmm…prop it upon the arm of the settee. Yes, like that. Good. …And turn you legs just slightly away, so they are facing the wall, there.” I do as he says, rotating my hips counter-clockwise. “Excellent, just like that…lovely.” He paints briskly for a minute or two, glancing up at my face every few seconds. I can feel the sunlight streaming in through the window onto my cheeks, gleaming softly across my eyes. “Ah, how the light catches your features—it is perfect!” the artist murmurs, more to himself than to me. “And your eyes…oh, they are as blue and clear as the ocean…”

Flattery. Why does he have to use so much flattery with me? I stare at Monsieur David through a fringe of partly lowered black lashes as he praises me, and I sigh, wondering how long this is all going to take. He has been painting me for weeks now. How much longer can it last? I sit back against the pillows and let out a deep sigh. Soon, I think; soon it will be finished, and I’ll be free again. I can only hope…


For this particular interpretation, I tried to imagine what the model, Mme. Recamier, could have been thinking while the artist, Jacques-Louis David, was painting her. Was she annoyed by the commission, or flattered? I would honestly get bored after all the days and weeks of sitting while an artist painted me. I think that’s why I love photography so much. ☺ It’s usually pretty fast. And I’m an impatient person. Very impatient.


So…that’s about all the description I could come up with today. Haha. Gotta run now; work is calling. Talk to you all later! LOVE


Madame on Black

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Taken on July 4, 2009