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    President Barack Obama meets with Solicitor General Elena Kagan in the Oval Office last month.
    (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

    This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

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    1. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Michelle Malkin, cont.

      The corporation-bashing Mrs. Obama would have continued raking in her TreeHouse cash if it hadn’t been for her husband’s pesky pledge to pander to Big Labor and swear off Wal-Mart. The retail giant, you see, happened to be TreeHouse’s biggest customer. And Wal-Mart is to Big Labor as sunshine is to Dracula.

      In May 2007, Obama told AFL-CIO workers in Trenton, N.J., that Wal-Mart was dead to him. “I won’t shop there,” he pledged, with an eye toward embarrassing his chief rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, who served on Wal-Mart’s board from 1986 to 1992. The AFL-CIO has waged relentless attacks on Wal-Mart, dubbing it the “Poster Store for Greed.” That, by extension, would make Mrs. Obama — all-too-happy recipient of a Wal-Mart dependent compensation package worth more than $100,000 in 2008, according to Securities and Exchange Commission records — a Poster Child for Ancillary Avarice.

      Candidate Obama shrugged off his wife’s conflict of interest. “Michelle and I have to live in the world and pay taxes and pay for our kids and save for retirement,” Obama explained to Crain’s Chicago Business magazine before his White House bid. Political expediency, alas, required that the candidate’s wife step down when the issue reared its head after Obama’s Wal-Mart bashing during the presidential campaign. True to form, Mrs. Obama turned the decision into an ostentatious display of self-sacrifice:

      “As my campaign commitments continue to ramp up, it is becoming more difficult for me to provide the type of focus I would like on my professional responsibilities,” said Chicago’s Joan of Arc in a resignation statement eight days after her husband declared his boycott of the stores stocked with food items processed and distributed by her TreeHouse colleagues. “My priorities, particularly at this important time, are ensuring that our young daughters feel a sense of comfort and normalcy in this process, and that I can support my husband in his presidential campaign to bring much needed change to this country.”

      She saw no conflict then. And she sees no conflict now in wielding her East Wing clout to restrict the advertising free speech of the food industry that lined her pocketbook with big, fat paychecks. The Obama White House is on an insatiable control binge. No private space has been left behind — not your grocery aisles, not your children’s TV shows, not even your refrigerator.

      Give the first lady this: She has an uncanny knack for wrapping her self-interests in the mantle of self-sacrifice and public service. It’s the Obama way.

      — Michelle Malkin is the author of Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks & Cronies.

    2. gun postal [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Or... aka "P.O.S." is okay, too!

    3. Been Buddy Longway 48 months ago | reply

      About new supreme court judge Elena Kagan:
      I trust she is a good choice.
      The international Cartoonist making daily Politicomix, has his doubts.
      I have answered him five reasons why I trust this lady will be a good supreme court judge. Here are they:

      First: The face: I see an openness, meekness, humility, naturalness there!
      It is not the crisped face of someone with unsolved issues in life; in my vision, people with issues, will behave in hard, unyielding ways, follow a not so good logic in their behavior and judgement towards people.
      Second: the fact that this lady is not an over ambitious judge: she has been a science woman.
      third: the fact that she loves truth and texts and communication: she has been the editor in chief of the law magazine of Harvard, like Barack O. has been.
      -the fact that a thoroughly good, self-effacing, wise, pure man as Obama calls her "my friend"; I trust his knowledge, judgement of human character.
      fifth: the fact that she is a woman: scientific tests prove that women in general have one third more empathy abillity: that is a very good characteristic, especially for a judge. There is a book by the primatologist Frans De Waal, justly tittled: A time for empathy", about human and ape behavior and the contemporary age. Women are more caring, more able to communicate. More able to express emotions. More ready to take up the caring for the small people, for hurting people.

      Now, Unknown?

      (NB. Empathy is the ability to stand in someone else's shoes, to look through her eyes. Not to stick to the own selfish viewpoint too much.

    4. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Why is the administration so touchy about those who say she's a lesbo? Is there something wrong with her being a lesbo?

    5. zincink 48 months ago | reply

      Quick! To the secret door! heheh :D

    6. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 48 months ago | reply

      Karlen, you are sooooooo right, Holder didn't read the Arizona law...he got his information from newspapers and TV....how sad, our country is run by such incompetents in the Obama administration.
      It can be called a Gangster Government run by gangster cronies of Hussein. We the people have to contend with our own homegrown extreme terrorist in the White House, ready and willing to destroy the USA.

    7. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Amen Unalienable Rights by our Creator- not congress. I want to thank you for posting that link to that terrible, fat muslim girl. It shows the evil of that religion. Islam is not the religion of peace. They want to kill nonbelievers. It's right there in their Koran book. When will America wake up? Wake up Eric Holder. You and Obummer are BAD for America.



      And libtards get no more oil or oil products. I'm sick of those sickos badmouthing BP. Oil companies are GOOD. Liberals are BAD!

    8. Karlen. 48 months ago | reply

      wouldn't be nice if all libs stopped driving???
      OMG. gas prices would go down, less pollution, we wouldn't have to buy so much oil, it would take me 10 minutes to get to work.
      I can dream. Can I? LOL.

    9. Karlen. 48 months ago | reply

      pathetic liar (what else is new) Holder is done and gone.

      he hasn't read the bill but it's bad anyway.
      Sounds like "Police acted stupidly"

    10. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      KarlenM you are right. Holder is an idiot. An idiot and idealogue. He's given us a lot of humor in the past few days. Thanks Holder. Dumdum.

      And Obummer too. My new name for Obummer is TT. Do you know what that stands for KarlenM? It's short for Talk and Tax. That's all the dear leader knows. Talk and Tax. What leftist idealogue.

    11. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Keep up the good work Unalienable Rights By Our Creator - not congress. You are a great American. I value your research skills. Thank you.

    12. Politics for Misfits 48 months ago | reply

      Kagan will be a very competent moderate/liberal Supreme Court Justice. She will be approved despite little or no support from the right-wing.

      If we are fortunate, President Obama will get to appoint another Justice or two in his first term. We need to move towards a moderate/liberal majority and a Supreme Court that values the integrity of the election process.

    13. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      I do not agree with you PfM and Delirious Lady.

    14. Triple Play 48 months ago | reply

      Who freakin' cares? Get a life you creep!

    15. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      When will Eric Holder resign? Talk n Tax should resign too. Mark January 20, 2013 on your calendar.

    16. Triple Play 48 months ago | reply

      Vnknk aka Let Me Be Clear, come out, come out wherever you are.

    17. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 48 months ago | reply

      I searched for frame70 and can't find frame70 anywhere on flickr...I think yu are right Clear....she/he is A delirious lady just as the Dear Leader is a pie in the sky kind of politician.

    18. Triple Play 48 months ago | reply

      LOL! Who are you trying to pull the wool over? You know damn well that's your friend vnknk aka Framer 70. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. I prefer clarity over agreement. [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

      Take your pick.




    20. Triple Play 48 months ago | reply

      Delinquents. Calm yourself vinknk, you have so many aliases you can't keep track of them all. Is Junho Yang yours as well as Cheshire Kat Smile? You know he's a pretend Brit...yeah right chap.

      I see you have already blocked me on your vinknk account. I wonder why.

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