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    President Barack Obama delivers remarks before a screening of the HBO ten-part World War II miniseries "The Pacific" in the Family Theater of the White House, March 11, 2010. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, the two executive producers of "The Pacific", sit in the front row. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
    This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

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    1. Ginger Gregory 61 months ago | reply

      God Bless and keep you, fellow American.

    2. Ginger Gregory 61 months ago | reply

      EW! I have you blocked yet you're STILL trying to dig around my favorites? Ok, THAT'S not at all creepy....[isn't that a bit troll-like, no?]

      By The Way, a lot of those photos [in my favorites] are taken by friends, family, and artists I actually know from real life, not people I have just found by stalking//trolling or strangers I randomly picked from cyberspace to pick fights with. Do you have many friends? That's rhetorical. I'm going to mute this thread now, so you will have to argue with yourself -- my life is far too important to waste any more time on you.
      God Bless You, and I hope you find what you need in life to make you a happier person. Maybe you could also work on using the shift key and improving your grammar! Hehehehehe.


    3. NeoBear224 61 months ago | reply

      September 13, 1942,

      Lunga perimeter, South of Henderson Field,

      Just before 2100hrs...

      Alien gets travel back into time, 68 years ago, onto the Island of Guadalcanal. Alien finds himself assigned to the 1st Marine Raiders Battalion. His unit is tasked to defend the Lunga perimeter that guards Henderson Field on Guadalcanal. Alien and his buddy sat down in their dug out foxhole, awaiting for an expected attack by the Japanese 35th Infantry Brigade. While Alien waits, he talks politics with his buddy, bitching how FDR tries to destroy America. As they chat along, a Japanese Type23 Fragmentation Grenade drops into his foxhole. Thinking it is a rock, he ignores it and continues talking. A huge explosion followed by gunfire throws Alien and his buddy off board. Alien is alive but knocked unconscious, however his buddy gets killed instantly. As Alien regains consciousness, Japanese artillery east of Alligator Creek opens fire on Marine positions facing the creek. An unfortunate Alien gets hit by an artillery round, blowing him up into pieces.

    4. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      This is where you outrage should be directed Tom Hanks
      Girl buried alive for talking to boys.

      Where is the outrage against Islamic culture? Where is the rebuke of the Organization of Islamic Conference and their quisling organization, Alliance of Civilizations?

      Where are the pathetic excuses who call themselves "feminists" in the West? Why haven't they staged marches on the mall? Where is Naomi Wolf, who enjoys all of the riches of Western civilization, while waxing poetic about the burka?

      I am going to throw up.

      Despite all the the scientific progress and technological and advancement, man is as he ever was, barbaric and violent. Today, voices are only raised against the good - the United States, Israel, Australia, Marshall islands, Honduras, ................... and Geert Wilders.

      Obama says, respect it!

      Girl buried alive in honor killing in Turkey


    5. Sarita Linda 61 months ago | reply

      Where the hell have you been Alien? Since you cut and paste your outrage so well, what the hell have you done, personally to help??

      Nothing right? Of course not, all you do is cut and paste, cut and paste....

      This has been happening to women and children since time began. And it sure as hell was happening when you boy Bushie was in office.

      And as tragic as this is, lets not kid ourselves that this kind of violence is only confined to Islam. Every group has been or is now guilty of this. All Christians are not so lily white. You would know this if you un-assed your seat from Fixed Noise, Glenn Boob and Michelle Milkinit and actually read some history.

      Of course that would require independent thinking....

      And thank you for bashing a movie about WWII vets, on behalf of a daughter of a WWII vet who fought in the Pacific and was awarded a Bronze Star to protect your future right to cut and paste, You are truly a sorry American if I have ever met one.

    6. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      I been in DC where else, talking with my Representatives

      Of course Obama and his SEIU thugs are still out breaking arms and legs to bribe our REPS to vote for his Obamacare
      How good can the Obamcare be if he needs to to bribe for a vote

    7. Sarita Linda 61 months ago | reply

      Again, you never answer a question. So typical. Where was your outrage when the abuse of women and children happened before today?? WHERE? Oh yea, no where.

    8. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      All you do is attack so typical of an Obama zombie

      You would do well to listen to my advise
      Become a better person

    9. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      Sorry to break this to you Maxipad but your Crystal Ball is broken

    10. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      As for answering your question....It is my prerogative to answer or not answer...never the less if I did answer your silly question you would still not get it into your dense head. So why waste my time.

      Hey, you should read my joke on the other photo...LMAO

    11. Blue387 61 months ago | reply

      You conservative trolls are making TV Dinner sad.

    12. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      I can see why your comments are malnourished blue....your diet of TV dinner is without substance

    13. Blue387 61 months ago | reply

      I think I speak for all of us here, why don't you stop arguing and just enjoy the damn picture? You trolls seriously need a life. This is a picture on Flickr, not a catalyst for you to bitch about politics.

    14. Sarita Linda 61 months ago | reply

      What a nice non sequitur, Alien.

      Blue is right on track, this is Flickr, a photo sharing web page. I know you know NOTHING about photography, but if you actually un-assed that key board, quit cutting and pasting communist photos and links off the internet and took a picture yourself, you might have realized that.

      So bitch away Alien, if you are the best representation of the Tea Party then you will surely convince others not to join.

    15. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      A message from Lloyd Marus :

      So there you have it Mr. Ratigan. Do these people sound like an angry racist, hate-filled mob supportive of the killing of blacks and Jews? I submit that you know they are not.

      You sir are an evil man willing to demean the character of millions of true patriots to prop up your American idol, Barack Hussein Obama. Accusations of the tea parties being racist are absurd. And yet, the liberal media is relentless in their attempts to sell their shameful lie. Liberals like Ratigan could care less about the devastating effect that fueling the flames of racial hatred is having on American race relations.

      Folks, I take the liberal media’s accusation of racism against my fellow patriots who are white extremely personal. We patriots share a kinship through our love for our country. We are family. And you don’t allow people to dis your family.


    16. ReginaParis 61 months ago | reply

      Boycott Fox News and News Corp, Here's a list of News Corp assets

      Twentieth Century Fox Español
      * Twentieth Century Fox International
      * Twentieth Century Fox Television
      * Fox Searchlight Pictures
      * Fox Studios Australia
      * Fox Studios Baja
      * Fox Studios Los Angeles
      * Fox Television Studio

      * 20th Century Fox Television
      * 20th Television
      * bTV
      * Foxtel
      * Fox Broadcasting Company
      * Fox International Channels Italy
      * Fox Kids (1990-2002)
      * Fox Sports Australia
      * Fox Telecolombia
      * Fox Television Stations
      * Fox Television Studios
      * Imedi TV
      * Latvijas Neatkarīgā Televīzija
      * MyNetworkTV
      * STAR TV
      * TV5 Rīga

      * Big Ten Network
      * Fox Business Network
      * Fox College Sports
      * Fox Movie Channel
      * Fox News Channel
      * Fox Soccer Channel
      * Fox Sports Enterprises
      * Fox Sports en Español
      * Fox Sports Net
      * FUEL TV
      * FX Networks
      * Fox Reality
      The Wall Street Journal
      New York Post

    17. zincink 61 months ago | reply

      I had to zoom in to see the popcorn bag heheh

    18. Jean-Paul J 61 months ago | reply

      @Unalienable and those arguing with him:

      Whilst the Constitution of the United States of America does enshrine the right to freely express your opinions, do you not feel that there is also a duty (therefore) to not infringe on the freedom of expression of others?

    19. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 61 months ago | reply

      The New World Order is no longer a conspiracy theory folks, we are waist deep in the mire.
      AGENDA21 is upon us, approved by the United Nations.

      Most Americans are totally unaware of this relentless, 20-year campaign by the UN to gain control over land use around the world. Many people believe that the UN is a distant, benevolent do-good organization that is expensive, but which has no direct affect on America. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      The 1992 Earth Summit also produced the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and a new international NGO called Earth Council. Earth Council, located in Costa Rica, is headed by Maurice Strong, Secretary General of Earth Summit I and II, the first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and a director of World Resources Institute (WRI). The function of Earth Council is to coordinate the work of national councils on sustainable development. Currently more than 100 nations have created national councils for the purpose of implementing Agenda 21 at the national level.

      Speaking of rights?

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