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    President Barack Obama meets with Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the Commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan, aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen, Denmark on Oct. 2, 2009.
    (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

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    1. Karlen. 67 months ago

      ready aim, I didn't like many things Bush did, but I don't think he destroyed America. Honestly, I don't care what the world thinks, we have to protect our interests. And, I will torture terrorists to save your family and my family.
      You know that and I know that, he got the prize because he is not Bush, and nothing else. I was amazed, even european media didn't agree with this. But, what a surprize, Carter, possibly, one of the worst prez got the prize.
      I don't remember, but I don't think Reygan got it. But, he helped 100's of millions of people to be freed from tirrany of socialism/communism.
      But, again, who am I? this is just my opinion.
      Rocky, I'm never bitter, ever. I'm just sharing my views, that's all.
      And, I think, Obama is destroying America. Raising taxes and pushing bills while so many people struggle is not smart.
      Do you know what happens if the world stop investing in US? Do you know what happens if our dollar keeps on falling because of debt Obama aquired? $10,000 in 2001 is worth $6,000 today.

    2. ReadyAimClick 67 months ago

      @Karlen, Regan never won the Nobel Peace Prize in fact only 3 U.S. presidents hold the honor. The other US Presidents who have won the Nobel Peace Prize are, in chronological order, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter.

    3. Karlen. 67 months ago

      IMO, Regan should have won.

    4. Blue387 67 months ago

      People don't get the Nobel Peace Prize for belligerence, working with repressive right wing regimes, funding death squads, trading weapons for hostages or amping up the arms race. Sure, the arms race hurt the Soviets but you could hear their death rattle across the ocean.

      Someone, like the Tiananmen Square tank man, one who challenges an unjust authority with courage and nonviolence, is far more deserving.

    5. Karlen. 67 months ago

      Blue, I'm just saying that is my opinion. Almost 300mln people of Soviet Union, plus all Eastern European countries got rid of communism regime once and for all. That is a lot of people that are free of socialistic tirrany right now.
      Right wing or left wing has nothing to do with it.

    6. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 67 months ago

      Blue, would you vote for Mao Zedong to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

    7. giuseppesavo 66 months ago

      mao zedong is dead.
      most of your nightmares are dead.

    8. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 66 months ago

      Mao was one of those nice left wing communist who did so much for his people, he killed millons of them....actually Mao was the the worst of all Leaders in the 20th century.

      Know your history before you blurp out against right wingers!

    9. Blue387 66 months ago

      Actually, I do know a bit of the history as I'm Chinese American and have studied China as an undergrad. As a history major, I even tackled learning Mandarin. That part was not fun.

      I'm a liberal and he's a communist. It's like comparing a dolphin to a shark. We may swim in the same sea to you but we're completely different animals. It's like me comparing you Republicans and conservatives to Mussolini and the fascists.

      Mao was a horrible man. His Great Leap Forward was a monumental disaster in state planning and management for the Chinese countryside while more moderate elements within the country, notably Deng Xiaoping were isolated or ignored. Following Mao's death, Hua Guofeng attempted to fill Mao's shoes but ultimately in 1978, at the 11th communist party congress, Deng Xiaoping took over the country. His moderate, pro-market reforms turned the country around and lifted millions from poverty but he was a disaster when it came to democratic reform. He did not tolerate any sort of criticism of the communists, notably seen with the crackdown of the protesters in 1987 and the Tienanmen Square protesters in 1989.

      Zhao Ziyang, then head of the communist party in 1989, was one of these dissenters and he wanted more democratic reforms and end corruption but Zhao was ostracized from power and ended up in house arrest. China deserves to become a parliamentary democracy if it wants to truly be a great nation.

      Zhao's memoirs were released recently and he probably does deserve the Nobel prize.


      Do you still think I don't know my history?

    10. Karlen. 66 months ago

      Blue, what is the difference between lib and communist?
      It's not an accident that I find too many similarities.
      Looking how liberals shuting down anybody who disagrees with them. How they are trying, really hard, to spread the wealth around.
      How they are trying to take God out of society(I'm not a religious person). How they dislike(politely said) big corporations. How they are trying to give everything to the unions(Obama).
      I do my thinking not from reading, just too much garbage out there, but by listening Obama himself. Just listening to his speeches, watching what he does to our society reminds me of communists. Maybe not to that extent, but very, very close. I know that he was brought up by a marksist. Again, from his words.

    11. cplphoto 66 months ago

      Even more disturbing insanity:


      YOU people who think THIS is a 'good' thing can go straight to HELL!

    12. Karlen. 66 months ago

      I don't think they would go for that.

    13. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 66 months ago

      cpl, that has to be a joke....not even libs would agree to have an American flag with Obamanations face on it.

      Welll maybe the zombie kool-aid drinkers might

    14. {}+*^ [deleted] 66 months ago

      Vittles, I bet as a kid you were picked on a lot...or you were a target out in the playground. I can imagine you running away, terrified of other kids...

    15. Karlen. 66 months ago

      I'm working and watching tv right now, and I can't believe what I hear.
      The entire congress should be sent home, and we should elect new people. This is all BS. Why do they want to force me to do what I don't to do? Is it America or what?

    16. Karlen. 66 months ago

      I wonder, sometimes, can anybody come up with a better plan to ruin our country. When people can't find jobs, they send money to ss reciepients. When people struggle to pay for their mortgages, they are trying to push cap-and-tax bill that would raise our utility costs(Obama). When people say don't like your health care reform, they say you are wrong(Axelrod). Do they really think we are stupid?
      Do they really think we are idiots?
      Well, I would love to see 2010, soon.

    17. Karlen. 66 months ago

      I am so happy now. 90% of the middle class would see their taxes go up.

    18. Karlen. 66 months ago

      "In March, China caused a stir in the currency markets when it called for the dollar to be replaced as the world's reserve currency. Russia has said it wants a new "global supercurrency" to replace the dollar. And last week the United Nations called for a new global reserve currency to substitute for the dollar." Money Central

      Thank you Mr. President. Good job. Soros loves that. He loves playing currencies.

    19. Bill Horne 66 months ago

      Historic. I'd like to hear that conversation.

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