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    President Barack Obama talks with baseball great Willie Mays aboard Air Force One en route to the MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis, July 14, 2009. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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    1. WinaVD 70 months ago

      ahhhhhh....I see, into Air Force One !!! so neat design !!

    2. Searoom SF 70 months ago

      Wonderful photo!

    3. Donna Will 70 months ago

      So cool that Willie Mays got to hop on this flight!

    4. brian051991 70 months ago

      Wow, that Air Force One is spaciously roomy; I thought this was in the White House!

    5. shanan 70 months ago

      this made me smile.

    6. sandrasobieraj 70 months ago

      I was on the plane and asked Mr. Mays (it was his first time aboard Air Force One) what he and Obama were talking about on the flight. He said: "I reminded him that I dreamed about this day--not being on Air Force One, but dreamed about someone in my race being president, not knowing that someone would be. But I reminded him that I cried for most of the night in Chicago...election night. Stayed up all night. I went to sleep at 7, maybe 8 in the morning I was so proud. That tells me all the things I went through, it was for good things."

    7. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 70 months ago

      Man O Man the bad breath going around in this plane.

    8. leslie.hawes [deleted] 70 months ago

      Thanks for that, Sandra. What a poignant addition to this wonderful photo.

    9. rmcarrier1 70 months ago

      Willie Mays. Over the shoulder catch. Awesome.

      Air Force One. Damn, it has a full-size couch! Awesome.

    10. larryvincent 70 months ago

      This is a terrific photo -- one for the history books.

    11. Charlotte Keys 70 months ago

      I wonder who was more thrilled!!!!???

    12. Wil C. Fry 70 months ago

      Two very historic figures. Thanks for this photo, Pete!

    13. .btezra [deleted] 69 months ago

      priceless moment, so well captured

    14. jdog1063 69 months ago

      Hey, Willie . . .
      looking back, with everyone's expectations so high on you . . .
      what did you do when you made a really big error and blew a game, kind of like our Administration has on the economy?

    15. www.jasonscottjones.com 69 months ago

      this photo makes me smile uncontrollably. :D

    16. Beth Wales 69 months ago

      Pushed the ISO quite high here, Mr Souza.Had thought it would have been quite bright ,but I suppose the windows are rather small.
      I'm a bit surprised you didn't clone out the shadow on the wall behind Mr Mays head.
      An historic photo to be sure.I expect it was a proud moment for both of them.(Even I have heard of the legendary Willie Mays)

    17. FromLA 69 months ago

      Gotta love the boots!
      Say Hey on AF One...whoda thunk?

    18. elephantsgerald 69 months ago

      The video that goes with this shot is at whitehouse.gov. It's incredibly moving, highly recommended.

    19. Schoolbookdepository 68 months ago


    20. artscott33 66 months ago

      The two great American people Present Obama and Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays .talking politics.

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