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    President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama (l) and Malia Obama watch as Sasha Obama lights a candle in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, June 6, 2009. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

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    1. ladywithlongredhair2003 71 months ago

      What a great moment for the girls. Thanks for the rare pictures of the girls. It is great to see them enjoying the perks of being the First Daughters.

    2. MarylandGal [deleted] 71 months ago

      Nice! God Bless the First Family! Hard shot in low light situation.

    3. Ana Santos 71 months ago

      Great picture.

    4. lat454205 / Lisa 71 months ago

      This is a wonderful family image.

      The kids look so fascinated. What an education they are truly "living".....and sharing with other kids of the world through the teachings of wonderful teachers.

    5. Mundo Exterior [deleted] 71 months ago

      the lighting is excellent as reflected in the faces. nice work.

    6. Leti! Leti! 71 months ago

      I love sasha

    7. met52 71 months ago

      Great photo!

    8. deb90566 71 months ago

      What a beautiful family.

    9. WinaVD 71 months ago

      Wonderful lighting shot with candle on there face !! I love this one !! Congratulation Pete, nicely done !

    10. shepherd.johnson 71 months ago

      Children need shelter. Malia and Sasha are provided for how about the rest of the country?

    11. Regular Citizen 71 months ago

      @ johnsonshepherd
      Since the majority of Americans don't like government to get involve.
      I would strongly suggest that any children that have no home they should continue to be in the shelter, and people should continue to pay for their healthcare, and continue to lose their home and their live saving.
      In the meantime, the government should focus more on wars, spending on wars, continue to be in Iraq and better yet, lets bomb Iran and North Korea because they are not listen to us Americans

    12. halstatt1 71 months ago

      This is a beautiful photo of the First Family .Great lighting. I can only imagine that they must be thinking of Great grandmother Dunham and Grandmother Stanley Ann Dunham. Malia's middle name is Ann after the President's mother among other family members long gone The candle lighting is a lovely and thoughtful gesture.

    13. Donna Will 71 months ago

      A lovely family moment...wonderful shot!

    14. radiant star 71 months ago

      wonderful! I love the lighting. Lovely family shot!

    15. Tortuga One 70 months ago

      Beautiful photo! Lighting and coloring are perfect.

    16. ReadyAimClick 70 months ago

      Great family!!

    17. Kathy Osmus 70 months ago

      Love the lighting,. great photo Pete.!!

    18. Silvianasci 70 months ago

      Sasha is so cute! Beautiful family Mr. President!

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