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    President Obama watches Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' first Press Briefing on television, in his private study off the Oval Office, Jan. 22, 2009.
    (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

    This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

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    1. Barbato 71 months ago

      e-gads! CRT radiation alone is reason enough to get a new flatscreen for our President! twitter: arthurbarbato

    2. seano11 71 months ago

      My guess is that they think the TVs work fine and they see no reason to spend time and money replacing them. There a theater in the White House is Obama wants a big screen. www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/3484819402/

    3. Blue States 71 months ago

      i Wonder if the republicans cleaned out the place... Isn't that illegal?

    4. cplphoto 71 months ago

      Ho-bo watching the king of "uh, duh, whu, huh, du duh...wuh, huh, huh....uuhhhhh...hhmmm...lost in thought.....whuht wuz the question? Gibbs, has to be the least talented jackass ever to speak for the White House. Pathetic.

    5. IOPsyc 71 months ago

      @ someotherbob -
      While it is a shelf system stereo, at least it's Denon.

    6. Little Boffin (PeterEdin) 71 months ago

      Time to upgrade to a HD flat screen television Mr President. Cathode Ray Tubes are soooo 1999 :-)

    7. glvstn 71 months ago

      And from that perspective. Is he really 4 meters tall and standing 20 meters in front of that 32" CRT?

    8. albertgomez 71 months ago

      haha...dude, they drop $500 on toilet seats, but can't flip the bill for a few new LCDs? Hilarious!!

    9. Stormblast2008 71 months ago

      Come on guys, not every TV has to be 50 inches.

    10. totpotus 71 months ago

      President Barack Obama studies and practices the extemporaneous speaking style of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Later that day he receives personal tax advice from Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.

    11. R Flick [deleted] 71 months ago

      Hard to believe that there are still CRT TVs around in the White House. Aren't greener alternatives available?

    12. TheWorldThroughMyEyes 71 months ago

      That is cool he is checking on his people.

    13. cruiz4130 71 months ago

      R Flick,

      sometimes its better to extend the life of an older product, than buy a new one. in fact its always better.so dont go line up for a hybrid, restore an older car to its glory.

      but srsly, that TV and stereo made me lol.

    14. ElizabethL.2011 71 months ago

      damn, he needs a better tv

    15. jdog1063 70 months ago

      I only watch the 'little people' on the little TV!
      My speeches are watched in the state of the art theatre room!

    16. oriontrail [deleted] 70 months ago

      There's NASA tv on the list I think! (near bottom, left)!
      I love to watch NASA TV on the internet!

    17. Unalienable Rights by GOD- not Executive Order 69 months ago

      So that's where Barrack Hussein goes to watch FOXNEWS LOL and sometimes will turn the channel to MSLSD to get boost high for his ego.

    18. Tom 2.0 Live [deleted] 65 months ago

      Dear Future Generation of Humanity
      It is I Tom 2.0 Live traveling back and forward in Time

      Have you read the Public Press Intelligence Social Networking Briefings that are released to the public for Transparency by

      Alberto Kang the Vice President of MySpace.

      What you can not see anything?
      Have you identified and Verified your MySpace.com Profile on the
      MySpace 2.0 Entry Point

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