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The biggest group shot ever! | by ~whitechocolate~ / ~*blue kiwi*~ (abandoned)
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The biggest group shot ever!

Petit message personnel adressé à ceux qui prennent les images sur flickr ou sur koinup sans demander l'accord des créateurs : cette image n'est pas libre de droits, j'ai pris du temps pour la faire, si vous voulez la poster sur votre blog, demandez-le moi, je ne mords pas... par contre si vous la volez, c'est sûr que je vais mordre... et très fort... j'en ai assez des gens qui prennent les images comme ça comme si c'était normal de les prendre parce que c'est sur le net... Pensez bien que derrière les images, il y a un être humain... ça nous fait vraiment ch*er de voir nos images volées comme ça... à bon entendeur...


Hey guys... this time I had a very very big project and I just finished =D (...and now here it is about 3 am ^^)

This is a contribution to all lovely simmers out there who where so kind to share their simmies with me. This is a big THANK YOU!! You don't know how much you gave me inspiration for my stories, beautiful ideas for pictures, all in all - you all helped me to do that creative art that I love soo soo much!

So, here you can see all simmies, that I am currently playing - if time lets me allow this to do. you don't know how much happened there since I am off for university - I come back home and something new happened in the community, haha! =D

as I said, inspiration is taking over me. Sadly I had to work on a presentation the last week so I didn't manage to even play sims but now I hopefully will have more time for it.


So, here they are in front of the library in their city, it's the oldes and most valuable building there. A detailed description follows tomorrow, after I woke up and feel able to do it ;)

its so much...

So, I hope you have fun looking at this picture and for all simmers out there, maybe you recognize your simmies here? lol, I will give notes soon, so it wouldn't be that hard to find :P

sorry for not picturing all simmies you've send me here - there are some I don't play anymore or I will play in the future generation :)

So please check out this picture in a few days if you want to read the story behind your simmies ;)

thanks for watching and reading!





so let's start on the top on the left... you see Alena and Thomas (by MyXeint), which make a beautiful couple. Here she's close to a faint, because he is so charming *smile* Thomas works as a police detective, Alena as an editor of music covers.

Beside them, there are the beautiful sisters Xylent and Xyrene (by my dear friend Dion). Xyrene is a very good artist, she imitades the realistic style of italian aristis in the 15th century. Xylent is a mysterious woman. Both are very rich and live in a beautiful old manor.

We continue with Family Darego. First of all Pete and his younger sister Melody (by Miss Janaye @ MTS) - Pete is manager of a music studio, Melody is traveling round the world, publishing books about her experiences. The girl between them is Petes daughter Zoé, who dropped out of school to become a model like her aunt Samia. She currently lives in New York, trying to make her way through the tough business.

Then we have Christian (by Libertine @ GOS) and Harmony Adams (by agustin), they are siblings. Their mother died early. Christians passion is figure skating and music, now he is music teacher at the communitys music school. His sister is a math student, she's very intelligent. She is still in love with mysterious Nicholas Fei.

The man beside them is Allois ( by Cathy), an unhappy man. He works as a bodyguard for the rich people. He fell in love with Liz, who needed to be protected by him, but then he was attacted and lies in coma. Time passes by and Liz marries another man. When he awakes, there's nothing more for him but his daughter, Hannah (the next girl with black hair), who got a sports scholarship. Sadly she doesn't want to have any contact to her father. Here she's portraied with her best friend Ambre (by Aria). Ambre loves Leon but there's no chance that she can reach him. Loves makes her doing things she wouldn't do normally. Since her mother died she lives with her unlce and his family. Currently, she studies linguistics, with a focus on french (since she's francha s well).

The woman beside Hanna is Florence, a make-overed maxissim. She has a flower shop and dreams of the big love. She's good friends with Coleen (the sim next to her), a strong, independent woman. She works in a boutique.

Then we have Samia Darego, Petes and Melodys older sister, a famous model and idol of Zoé. She's jugding Adolescence contest and Australias Next Topmodel Contest, having contracts with House of Fox, Victorias Secret and more... it's a rare thing that she is at home.

Next sim - Ambra Russo (by edenstyle) is an architect, also strong and independent... she's on of the women with whom Thibault cheats on his wife. And last but not least in this row, David (Dreamhuntress) a young actor with japanese roots. He's very handsome and he throws an eye on Florence... maybe there will be a new developement soon?

Okay, next row, starting with Liliane (selfsim by Liliane), a cute little owner of a T-shirt boutique. Beside her, Soley, a student of biology and a good friend of her.

The next woman is Dani (by Dominie @ Sim-Oasis), Katies older sister, who just recently has moved from England to the community. She's following a budding career in economy and travels a lot.

The girls a bit more "elevated" are Sunny (on the left) and Jaeda (by Tenshii~Akari @ Sim-Oasis, on the right). Sunny is a personal assistant of the editor-in-chief of a good magazine. She once was engaged to John but left him at the wedding day. Now that he has a new girlfriend, she wants to have him back. Jaeda is an agent for houses. She's very confident with her life.

Ok, now a little skip - the guy near Melody is Leon (by RainnCandy @ MTS), the boyfriend of Emma (the girl beside him). Leon origins are from new Zealand, he moved with his family to the community. After the divorce of his parents he wanted to go back to NZ, but he stayed because of Emma. They are together since highschool, now he's living with her and her father, learning the arts of marketing. Emma studies also maths (like Harmony) ... she loves acting in theatre and sometimes she gets little parts of the community cultural theatre.

The next couple are John ( a make-overed maxissim) and his girl Madoka (by my dear Lindsay). She's working as a secretary, he's the second chief of the police and best friend of Thomas. He was unhappy since Sunny left him but now Madoka brings new sunshine in his life.

Up next we have Jeanne Sol (by Enayla @ InSim), she's the sister of Lucas (by Mr. Kotangens , he isn't portraied here) Like everybody, she thinks he is dead. This makes the relation to her little niece even stronger.

Now we come to the Hyuga-Family. There are Yuri (by Threejandono) and Eva (by my dear Anna) with their youngest boy Lennard. It's very funny, Eva never wanted to marry or have kids - now she's married with the best man in the world for her, having three little, beautiful (and loud!) children. Yuri still works in the music career, producing songs for some bands, Eva was afraid of getting a housewife, but all in all she manages the stuff. Also, she thinks about, entering in the magazine branche, she is a very good writer.

The couple next are Yuris sister Liz (by my friend Alira) and her husband Damien (by dear Mr. Kotangens). He comes from a rich family as well. After the broken relationships with Thibault and Samuel, Liz decided a new start and took over the company of her dad. First he was in sorrow because of her health, but she masters her job very good. She began to love Allois, her bodyguard. After his fall into coma Liz was very desperate but needed to move on. Her father instructed her to the son of his business partner, and half a year later the wedding was announced. They have a little cute daughter, Coralee, which is a child prodigy - not only because Liz was thinking after her operation she couldn't have any children.

Yes almost done, now the the first row - there we have Steph (by Olya), she was married shortly with Lucas and they have a beautiful daughter, Melinda. Shortly after the marriage something happened and everybody thinks that Lucas is dead (but he isn't). Since then, Steph manages somehow to raise Melinda alone, a wonderful child, she looks a lot like Lucas! Like her mother, she has a talent for dancing and Steph supportes her. She, herself isn't a professional dancer anymore, but is giving high quality dancing and ballettlessons. Nicholas Fei (the person next to her, by Areen), a good friend of Steph, helps her doing this. He has a problem, beause he's in love with the innocent Harmony, but he can't enter a relationship with her. He's a mysterious guy, he rarely shows emotion and nobody (but Ryo) knows something about his past.

Next we can see my favorite family, Family Malet. Look how Ryo (by my dear Aria) and Katie look at each other, they are so in love and happy! (I even didn't photoshop it, they made it already looking like that ingame ♥)... So, Ryo works also for the police, he fights for justice and fairness. Katie is also a housewife, like Eva, they are close friends. Katie also begins some business projects at home, since their children are in school and kindergarden. Next to Ryo, we see the second son, Jonathan, a very good boy. On the bottom is the youngest family member, Luisa with Feli, the dog... how cute it looks when they are cuddling :D Henry, the first son of them, stands next to the Luce Family, Thibault (next to Katie, also by Aria) is Ryos best friend. He married his girlfriend from universitytime, Amy (by Mr. Kotangens) but since he was in a relationship with Liz he can't get over her, he still loves her... (but he keeps that secretly). He's working as surgeon and doesn't have much time for his family. Those are two reasons why he's always cheating on poor Amy. Amy herself feels better than Liz, because she managed to seperate Thibault and her and made Thibault hers. She's still working on the music studio, she's responsible for contracts... They have a son, Robert, a very cute guy. He's taking karate lessons and is proud of his emblems.

Next to this family we have a beautiful girl named Catalina Suarez. She's a perfect violonist, her parents are very ambitious and want to bring her forward. She's the music student of Samuel Felice (the man behind Catalina). Samuel has made a name outside of the community - he's a famous musician, he played in the national orchestra of Vienna. He and Kayla (by Lera) have two sons. Joel is the older one, he has the same music talent like his father. He's secretly in love with Catalina, but in front of his friends he's playing the cool boy who ignores her. The younger boy, Christian, comes more like his mother. Kayla took over the farm of her parents, although its a lot of work, she loves it. She raised a horse business, raising high quality horses for show jumpers. Christian is a very good show jumper, he already won two cups.

The guy between Christian and Henry is Philipp, son of Eva and Yuri. He's the most popular guy on primary school, very fresh and cheeky. His sister Emily, sitting on the bottom with her niece Coralee, has the same character. She has a huge talent for drawing. Coralee is very cute, she's calm and quite... I just love her. Next to the Felice family we have Aric Gregory (by Janita) with his beautiful wife Coco Rocha (by Puccamichi) and their daughter Lindsay. Aric has come far in politics for his young age, he already works in the community government city hall, standing for the next elections for the new mayor. Coco is supporting him, she always makes the perfect performance. Their daughter is very shy, she's getting a lot of attention which she doesn't want to have. Christian Baker (brother of Coleen Baker, kneeling in front of her) is her personal teacher.

Okay, last but not least the Kebede family. Since Minna (the red-haired woman) paired her twinsister Ataui with John you have never seen a more happy couple then them... John (by Daytona @ SimOasis) is a good muscian, a close friend to Yuri who produces lots of the songs his band performs). Ataui is very prominent, she's fighting for womans rights in Africa, where her origins come from. Minna works as a seller in Florences flowershop and in a bookstore, she loves the simplicity of her life. She also is a god actress, she's member of a small group, which performs improvisation theatre...

Ataui and John also have got some offsprings. Kensey is the older one, a beautiful girl, noticed and respected by everybody. She's a calm girl, has great marks at school and her best friend is Gaby (by Alt-Eisen, which is a very very good ballettdancer. She's taking lessons from Steph and dreams for a career in that branche. Kenseys younger sister is April, she's self-confident and knows what she wants. She's very social, always helping when help is needed.


OKAY - THATS IT!! *phew* Many sims, many stories... Call me a freak, but I always dreamed of such a big work ;P


Credits: still to come ^^ ... 2. edit : from


- MyXeint : Thomas

- Dion: Xylent and Xyrene

- Cathy: Allois

- Aria: Ambre, Thibault, Ryo

- Liliane: Liliane

- Dreamhuntress: David

- Lindsay: Madoka

- Mr. Kotangens: Damien, Amy

- Alira: Liz

- Threejandono: Yuri

- Anna: Eva

- Olya: Stephanie

- Areen: Nicholas

- Alt-Eisen: Gaby

- Puccamichi: Coco


Many thanks to members of sim-oasis: Dominie, Daytona & Tenshii~Akari, to all modthesims (RainnCandy, Miss Janaye) and gardenofshadow (libertine) members for sharing their simmies and all other creators (agustin, janita) which share the simmies in their blogs!! THANKS!

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Uploaded on November 12, 2010