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Conciliation | by ~whitechocolate~ / ~*blue kiwi*~ (abandoned)
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For "Our Wedding" - Contest. I add story, credits and everything tomorrow. I'm too busy these days ... I'm off preparing my first dancing lesson -.-


Link for the whole story:;msg=38110


We can look over the city. Thibault is so lucky to have this great appartement. The view is fantastic. I'm looking at it, just not to look at Pete. But I know he looks at me. „Honey, what is wrong with you?“, he asks. „Please don't say that there's nothing, because I know there's something. Explain to me!“ I'm sighing. How to find the right words? I'm hesitating. I can feel his regard on my whole body. It makes me shiver. „Are you sure that you want to marry me?“, I'm asking him. His eyes are dropping down of his face. „What are you saying there? Sure I want still marry you! How shouldn't I?“ - „Because you're cheating on me!“, I'm screaming. Thank God the music is that loud that nobody hears me shouting... Pete looks confused. „I never cheated on you“, he says simply after some seconds. „I never could do that. You know me!“ … What? He also became a liar. I'm in the mood for loosing myself. I'm in a rush. „And who was this woman at your work??“, I'm asking. I'm trying to stay calm. He looks steadily at me. „Do you mean Liz?“ - „If that is her name.“ My voice gets louder. Now he looks over the city. Damn, why can't he face me. „I wanted to introduce you to her tomorrow“, he says. My heart is pounding. That doesn't sound good. It sounds like an end. „When we were young, we were together for a while“, he continued. Then he told everything. How he meet her, how their parents made for their break-up, how she showed up after years... I'm feeling even worse. I thought that wouldn't be possible. I hate this woman. Suddenly shows up when I'm about to be the happiest bride around. „And what now?“, I'm whispering after a while. „Do you want to meet her again?“ - „I did not cheat at you“, Pete defends himself. „Because she's just a friend for me. Don't you understand? I love YOU! And YOU are the one, I'm going to marry! YOU are the one I want to share my life with! I want YOU and nobody else!“ The last words he shouted. His reaction is overwhelming me. I'm feeling so sorry. How could it come to this misunderstanding? We should have claryfied this so much earlier. Afterwards you always know it better. I'm so stupid. How coul I even guess that Pete is a bad guy? I'm ashamed. A tear rolls over my cheek. He comes close to me, wraps his arms around me. „Do you still want to make me the most happiest man on earth?“, he asks. I'm nodding. „Of course I want!“, I'm responding. I'm so eased. My Pete isn't a cheater, and he isn't a liar either. He's my husband to be and I love him and he loves me. I'm feeling peaceful. „I'm so sorry, honey“, I say but he cuts me off. He just kisses me. I'm kissing him back.


Edit: Finally the credits :) Margarita by ♠ Venena ♠, Pete by Me

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Uploaded on October 2, 2009