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good night! it is already 2 am here in germany and i worked ca. 3 hours for this photo... it shows katie and ryo, spending some time together. they're playing cards, watching a photoalbum, tasting yummy strawberries... and of course they are cuddling with each other.

since aria made this wonderful portrait of them both (watch it here ), i am really inspired to write a story about them. there'll be some drama and magic and i hope i can bring over some strong emotions, i'm aspring as far as this is concerned...




(in the morning. katie and ryo are sitting in the kitchen, having breakfast together.)

ryo: "what do you want to do this evening, katie?"

katie: "i wanna be with you tonight :) "

ryo: "okay, but i'll be too tired to go out."

(katie leans forward to kiss his front)

katie: "it's okay, lets stay home, having a homely evening"

(ryo holds katies face, striking softly over her cheeks)

ryo: "i'd love to show you some photos of japan... would you like to see them?"

katie (nods): "of course i would, darling!"



edit: (lol, i was tired when i wrote that ^^ it's not the best xD)



today i worked again for 10 hours but it was as always a lot of fun. indeed it is no relaxing, i'm working behind the bar or i'm teaching some little cute children how to dance, cleaning the big dance saloon, decorating everything, practicing my movements... today i was also out with the dog of my two heads... he's so cute, but also powerful, i run to make him tired... didn't work, in the end it was me who gave up first... i have a great time there but i'm realizing how exhausting it is...

well, i'm going to sleep now ;)


credits: handsome ryo by Aria, katie by me.


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Uploaded on September 15, 2009