Meatloaf cupcakes topped with blue & green mashed potatoes and mini grilled cheese sandwiches made of toasted pound cake and frosting. Do you think they'll be fooled when they get this for lunch tomorrow? April Fools!

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    My oldest always complains I never pack anything good for his lunch. Hope he likes it. Meatloaf IS his favorite! Hehehe! I've got a few ideas for a drink and things to go with it, but haven't made the final decision yet. Your suggestions are welcome!

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    1. winglessangel383838 85 months ago | reply

      Oh my gosh - you're the coolest mom EVER! Can you make me a surprise lunch someday? How fun and creative! I'll skip on the meatloaf though, but you can whip me up some vegetarian number!

    2. Cynthia Longo 85 months ago | reply

      Wow, that is quite a switcheroo! Very fun, and he's a lucky kid! :D

    3. ReneYoshi 85 months ago | reply

      Whoa! That is SO cool!!! I think he'll be surprised. *giggle*

    4. Let Kate Drive 85 months ago | reply

      This is hilarious! You're so creative!

    5. peggy. 85 months ago | reply

      that is the strangest lunch I've ever seen :) I love it :)

      I saw your photo in Good Times!

    6. mquest foto 85 months ago | reply

      I am speechless
      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    7. S h e l l y 85 months ago | reply

      How fun!
      They are going to love it and so will their friends.

    8. fotogail 85 months ago | reply

      i love this kind of kids april fools prank.

    9. outnbout [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

      Aren't you the clever one!

    10. shannonm37 85 months ago | reply

      OMG! You are the coolest mom EVAH!!!!! I love practical jokes...and what a cute one this is!

    11. ~purple_ipod~ 74 months ago | reply

      that is SO cool!!!!! =D Did they like it??????? and what did you use for the drink????

    12. fancynancy666 61 months ago | reply

      Excellent! Thanks for sharing you're cleverness!

    13. la_petite_moi 61 months ago | reply

      Freakin' awesome!!!

    14. 61 months ago | reply

      i ONCE MAD DESSERT FOR AN APRIL FOOL'S dinner party. It was an exceptionally warm night so I made ice cream. I made two flavors. They were PECAN SUET DELIGHT and also ANCHOVY FUDGE RIPPLE..
      They believed that they were eating regular ice cream until some one commented that the pecan tasted salty? and the anchovy tasted fishy?. Can you imagine that???

    15. mindysea 60 months ago | reply

      Found this on cakewrecks' it so much! :)

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