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VIDEO: Exploding Watermelon

The quality of the video at the end is HORRIBLE: I filmed for 47 minutes & it got dark. Shoulda started earlier in the evening. This project took FOREVER! Next time we do this, as per advice from an Instagram friend, we will use thick rubber bands. And I think we should layer the bands better---not spread so wide.

Anyway, though the "explosion" was more like "Pfft", the girls had fun anyway.

Poor Pazely had to do most of it by herself. (I was afraid. As you can hear me say several times. Haha! Zoey was afraid too.) At the end Pazely (covered in plastic garbage bags) says, "I don't want to do this anymore..." before the watermelon pops in half.


(And P.S. Ignore my awesome hair.)


MUSIC: "Toy Piano Trader" by Adam Selzer (

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Uploaded on August 19, 2016