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The Smithy, Manafon, Wales. Montgomeryshire by-election, 1894 | by whatsthatpicture
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The Smithy, Manafon, Wales. Montgomeryshire by-election, 1894

Update Jan 2015: I hope no-one minds me changing the upload date on this one so that it appears at the top of my photostream. I have just replaced the original scan with a new 176 megapixel, 2,400 dpi scan of the original (that's 15,559 x 11,326 pixels). Feel free to download it, it's public domain. I've also uploaded it to Google's Open Gallery and then embedded the zoomable view in a new blog post which tells the story of the identification of this image - see




Some lovely details in the posters on the walls (hover on image to see comments), but if this is Montgomeryshire, which village/town might it be? Well, I now know it is the smithy in Manafon. And I know who one of the people probably is.


How? One tiny detail on one tiny poster gave a clue as to the location, an old contemporary map revealed that it may be the smithy, then Google Maps was used to confirm the overall layout of the buildings (and the fact that they still stand). At that stage the match was just too good for it not to be there. I then searched the web and found the name and phone number of the current occupant, rang, emailed them a copy, only to find that the property had been in the same family for several hundred years, and that one of the chaps in the aprons is probably the great-grandfather of the current occupant.

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Taken in January 1894