TF3 Premiere, Miami - Jun 29th/Jul 1st, 2011
Michael Bay is a resident of Miami and, thanks to Nokia's partnership with TF3, we had a few tickets to the 'local premiere'.

Flying in a few bloggers from around the US and Canada (as well as being accompanied by the ever-awesome Donna Suffling), we had three days to chill out, enjoy the weather (it rained - a lot) and take in the super-special screening of TF3.


- Wifi by the pool

- Miami heat, literally (man it's hot)

- The *actual* skydivers from the film performing stunt landings outside the cinema (and then getting caught on the traffic lights, only to be then rescued by the Miami Fire Department).

- Having Michael Bay and The Edge sit behind me in the cinema!

- Meeting U2 at the after-party
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