Twitter Spam
These screenshots show direct messages I've received via Twitter which are spam advertisements. These are all people I've followed on Twitter, so I suspect their accounts have been hijacked by a spammer.

Twitter admins recently posted "Gone Phishing" and "Monday Morning Madness " which give more detail about Twitter hacks going on.

Here are the keys as I see them:

1- Use a secure password on your twitter account and change it periodically.

2- Be VERY wary of EVER putting your twitter password into a website that isn't a twitter, or into a program you run on your computer or handheld that you can't verify to trust. Just like bank and credit card phishing schemes, people are now phishing with fake twitter sites, so beware of links to Twitter you receive in email.

3- If your twitter account has been hacked, try to login and change your password to something secure immediately. Then follow the above suggestions to KEEP it secure and private. If you have lost control of your twitter account, then contact Twitter directly using their blog links above for help.

I have blocked these user accounts which have been compromised, and am hoping that will mean I won't receive further twitter direct message spam messages from their accounts.
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