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Tony Coulter, The Rev. Turnip Druid DJ for 2015!

Please adopt DJ Tony Coulter, who is currently stranded in Portland, OR, where he is unable to get good Indian food or find chocolate-covered halvah.


Listener Rev. Turnip Druid has adopted Tony Coulter for 2015! Thanks for supporting WFMU, Rev!


If you would like to adopt a WFMU DJ, please make a paid-in-full pledge of $365 or more to WFMU's 2015 Marathon by 11:59pm on March 22nd, 2015, and then send an email via this page to stake your claim. Make sure that you specify in the email that you'd like to adopt the WFMU DJ of your choice!


First come, first served!


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Uploaded on February 15, 2012