BIAMF 16 04 2011
Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival 16 April 2011

Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival takes place on and around Corn Street in the historic Old City area adjacent to St Nicholas Market.

Further information can be found on the following link.

Bristol Italian AutoMoto Festival -

Italian Auto Moto Club -

Ducati Owners Club GB -

The charity of the event is "Help For Heros",

Images can be obtained with a donation of £5 per image, the full image will then be e-mailed to you.
Either send donation via "paypal" stating the images wanted to ""
Or send a e-mail to "" with your request and a paypal invoice will be e-mailed to you
allowing you to make a secure donationn via debit/credit card.

All proceeds will go to the charity of the event "Help For Heros".

For further assistance about these images e-mail ""

Please note the images put onto this site are reduced in quality/ size.
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