Farmville Immigrant Detention Center Protest
The Farmville immigrant detention center, slated to open in June, drew 150 protesters to downtown Farmville on Saturday, March 7th. The detention center is being built with funds from the Virginia Tobacco Commission ($581,760) and is intended to hold one thousand men, women, children and entire families seized in raids conducted by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

The Farmville Immigrant Detention Center is being constructed by a group calling itself ICA-Farmville. ICA-Farmville has no experience in building or maintaining correctional facilities, having only built Arbys and BP gas stations. One of the principals of ICA-Farmville is Ken Newsome, who is president of AMC Bakery in Richmond and donated to Jim Gilmore's senatorial campaign. Partners include Warren Coleman and Russell Harper of Harper Associates, Richmond. The city council of Farmville seems to be unanimously supportive of the contruction of the detention center.

ICA will get sixty dollars per day per detainee from the federal government, while the town will keep two dollars each.
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